Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am the most annoying patient...love you Dr. North!

Before I go into how my baby doctor appointment went I want to tell you all that Tasha's surgery went well. Please continue your prayers because the hard part is just beginning. When we went to visit her she was in a lot of pain and running a fever. I stayed with her while the boys went and got something to eat. The nurse came in and gave her a long over due pain shot that actually worked. Within 5 minutes my poor little Tasha was snoozing. I was glad. I knew she felt a little better in la la land by the time we left.

She was in the same hospital that we will deliver our baby. Chip and I were able to tour the facility by the sweetest lady named Joy who said that Brother Barry was her preacher before he came to Kosciusko. She was a riot. She loved her some Brother Barry. She went through the step by step process of what door I come in when I'm in labor, to the gown will be laying on the bed you go and put it on when you get here, then the monitors they will strap on to my body and where the baby sits after it's born. From there she informed Chip that it's his responsibility to take the baby down the hallway to show the family and then on into the nursery to be weighted, measured, etc. Chip's comment was.....so, umm, I have to carry it? Joy suggested we get a doll and practice for the next few months. Long story short, we had a wonderful tour and the facility is very nice and I hope all the people are as sweet as Joy was.

Ok, so we went to the doctor when we first got to Jackson they have a new building that looks like a hotel or casino, it's huge and fancy. Here is how it went....This is no lie - - I felt like I was on candid camera.

Dr.: How are you? Do you have any questions?

RCH: As a matter of fact, I do have a couple. Have you ever heard of anyone getting stopped up and congested every time after they eat and are full?

Dr.: with a baffled look in his eye No, next question.

RCH: Dr. North, am I weird?

Dr.: Yes, very weird.
He went on to explain that he'd never heard of that but when you are pregnant your hormones do something funky to your sinus' and that may be it.
RCH: Dr. North, I've never had a bladder infection so I don't know what it feels like, but my bladder gets this awful pain when I have to go to pee.
Dr.: My recommendation is to not wait so long before you go to the bathroom, you are holding it too long.
RCH: Uhhh, ok. Thanks, I'll try that.
So after Dr. North and I had our hilariously interesting conversation where I'm sure he felt like he was talking to a 2 year old who is about to give birth to another baby. He pulled out the little machine that listens to the baby's heartbeat. I was really really nervous. It took him a long time to find it. The seconds felt like minutes and as if not knowing when to go to the bathroom wasn't annoying enough, here is how that conversation went while trying to find the heartbeat.
I repeatedly asked.....why can't you hear it? It hasn't been long enough.
What's going on? I'm looking, just wait.
What about now? Was that it? No, not yet, it's too early.
What's too early? Why can't we hear it? There it is. 140 bpm. That is good.
Chip said he wasn't nervous because he looked at Dr. North's face the whole time and he didn't look concerned. You know, like when you are on a plane and there is turbulence you always stare at the flight attendant for their reaction to know if you're going to go down or not.
I did have another question. I told Dr. North this was probably the most important question of all. He prepared himself. I said Dr. North, Ole Miss is going to have one hell of a football team this year and when we go to a championship it will be in January....will you be going? He said yes I would think so. I said ok, so I can go too because you will be there to deliver my baby if I go into labor at the game? He said no that was not an option - I couldn't go. He and Chip would go and I would have to stay here without a husband or doctor to help deliver this baby. It was unfair. What am I going to do?
Ok, so that was it. He said he'd see me in 4 weeks and then we'd find out what it was in September. Eeeeerrrrrkkkkkk. What? September? I'll be 17 1/2 weeks by the August appointment...Dr. North we have to negotiate. I need to know what my baby is next month. Need to. I can't stand it. He said ok, well instead of 4 weeks we will say 4-5 weeks you come back. Now if you can't tell what it is then you have to pay out of pocket for another sonogram. That is my negotiation.
Dr. North walked out and I'm sure he was glad I was the last appointment of the day. He probably went home and had a big ol' Toddy.
I go back August 20th which will almost be 5 weeks and 3 days since my last appointment....I stretched it. My mom will fly in to come see Baby Hawkins and all of it's glory. I can't wait!


Jennifer said...

You absolutely crack me up!! I am so glad your had a good hospital visit and doctor appointment. I absolutely LOVED Woman's Hospital. All the nurses & staff were amazing. I had never been a patient in a hospital before and was terrified of the thought...but I didn't want to leave when it was over!!

Leah Maria said...

Hahah... you crack me up. I can see this is going to be such a fun time for you (and us to read about)! I hope you get to find out the sex of the baby your next appointment. Can't wait to hear more!

sm2 said...

You are hilarious! Glad you and your doctor have such an open and honest relationship! :) I can't believe you are rushing to find out the sex. Aren't you afraid they'll get it wrong if you go too early? I keep hearing horror stories about people being told the wrong sex! Anyways! Love hearing all about your experiences! Keep it up!

Rachel said...

Dr. North is great. I know I've said it 100 times, but he is the best and I love him. You have to have patience to be my doctor and he's perfect. Chip loves him just as much as I do because he always remembers his name.
Do you think that 19 weeks is to early to find out? I will be 18 weeks and 6 days on the 20th of August so pretty much 19 weeks. If I wait until September I'd be like 22 weeks. Which is eons from now. I've not heard any horror stories of hearing the wrong sex. Should I be concerned?

DenKag said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

Cortni said...

Oh my gosh! I absolutely LOVE reading your posts! I know they will give me a good laugh!

Kayla Dees said...

I found out at 13 weeks so im sure they will be able to tell by 22 weeks!! Glad all is well!!

Kayla Dees said...
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l cummins said...

You're a hoot...but I hate to disappoint you - the baby will not be able to "sit" in its spot in the delivery room...that takes a good 6 months or so! (unless you bring along your Bumbo :) You should definitely be able to tell the sex by your next appointment, and it almost annoys me that they try and make you wait one second longer than you have to - why would anyone want to wait an extra 4 weeks?! There's shopping to do!
So glad Tasha is doing well...I've been thinking about her today.

Marsha said...

You're killin' me...this is hilarious:) So, we might have to argue about who has the better doctor, but I'll just let you believe. It's important that YOU have complete confidence in him. And I know he's the expert, but we found out the gender at 17 weeks with Pearce, and even earlier with Swayze. I'm just sayin'...

Lauren said...

I almost didn't leave a comment because all I was going to say was what everyone else said...bottom line is...Rachel, you are funny. Really really funny. And yes, I'm nearly 100% certain our Northy-Poo went home to have a giant Toddy.

JJ and Allen said...

No worries about the championship game. Since we are due within days of each other, we will be sitting at home together while our husbands enjoy the game I'm sure. Good thing my mom delivered babies for 15 years. We'll move her in with us since we have an hour drive! ;)