Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mississippi's Giant House Party

Last night, in the honor of tradition and fun, we went to the Neshoba County Fair. Every Wednesday night of the fair for the past before I was born Chip's dads band Class Reunion has played at Founders Square.

I encourage each of you that are not familiar with the fair to research it's history. It's extremely interesting. It was founded in 1889, "and has grown from a two-day meeting of local farmers and their families to an eight day Giant House Party in over 600 cabins and over 200 RV campers. The traditions of the Fair continue today. Families still gather for reunions and friends, old and new, visit every summer as they have since 1889."

It's like nothing I've ever seen or even heard of. And being from Texas, the most friendly place I know of, that says a lot! I've heard that these shotgun shacks, umm..I mean cabins, cost like $100,000 and you can really only use then 2 weeks out of the year. It's that big of a deal.

Hanging out in Founders Square is like you are surrounded by a breath of history. It is where historical icons like Ronald Reagan and Ross Barnett have given political speeches. Heated debates of political chaos have formed there and most importantly it's the same stage that my father in law rocks out to songs that would make even a Baptist get up and dance.

An article was written in the Clarion Ledger on July 5th and I think this sums it up...I love it, I wish I had thought of it myself....I'm not sure I didn't say it. Here is what Gale Denley said about The Neshoba County Fair: "It's a lot like what I always imagined Hell would be - it's hot, it's dusty and all my friends are there."

As much as hot and dusty rings true to the history of this July heat sweltering house party last night was an exception. The much needed down pour we had made this place a mud wrestlers dream pit. It was every little kid theres fantasy for being so dirty that even their parents couldn't say anything. More interestingly to me were peoples feet. I was like a foot stalker in the night checking out peoples foot attire. It's like I was an emissary for a podiatrist or something. It was as if the mud made me have a foot fetish. I got some good photos in my foot trans, I hope you find them as funny as I do.

As always, more than anything, I love to watch people - - - especially people dancing. I got a few good shots of random dancing. I hope they are able to portray their dance skills through a still shot photo. Ballerina Hippie was my favorite right next to Cowboy In Tight Jeans Doing Splits. I hope that none of you know these people..........Lord I hope none of you know these people.

But I'm So Sorry! You will have to wait until I can download the photos so you can see how obscene I was about feet last night and how Ballerina Hippie was feeling too comfortable dancing barefoot in the mud.


Blog Owner said...

I really, really, really want to see the cowboy doing splits. Was it like being in 'Footloose'?

Rachel said...

Kent, I am extremely upset that my Cowboy In Tight Jeans Doing Splits photo is not an action shot. I did have one until 16 people blocked my shot as the camera snapped. (Damned digital camera lag)
I really needed a video phone/camera. NEXT year I will do the video because there is always "that" guy on the dance floor there.
I don't think the people in 'Footloose' could move their feet as fast as this guy in tight jeans and the bust out into the splits.

Britt said...

Class Reunion is special to me. Last night was 6 years since Brian and I first danced. We were at the fair and they played Brown Eyed Girl (mine are blue, his are brown) and we had our first dance. I reminded him of that last night.