Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip

Saturday we had planned to go to the Reservoir with a couple of friends, but one of them didn't feel well so we ended up going on a road trip. It was me, Chip, Charlie (Chip's Dad) and Joyce (Chip's Step-Mom).

Joyce is originally from Yazoo City and had been telling us about Wolf River and how back in the day they use to have some good parties down there. Well you know us Hawkins, always looking for a good party. We loaded up the boat and headed down there.
This is me and Joyce. We are wearing the 50 cent visors I bought at Wal-Mart and our black shades, aren't we too cool for school? No, I'm not naked....or am I? No one will ever know.

I look naked because my b-suit doesn't have straps. This happened in some of my wedding photos too. I guess I'm all about the nakedness. It leaves a little something for the imagination.

This is Charlie & Chip straight chillin'. Chip's got the visor flipped backwards the wind in his hair he is the epitome of the thuggish ruggish bone.

I like this picture. She doesn't know I'm taking it and you can tell she's just soaking it all in. Reminiscing about the old party days.

Then I left the best for last.

(Queue Miami Vice Soundtrack)

I tried to zoom this picture in a bit so that you could see the pure coolness that my Chippy exudes. The whole dark shades with hat flipped back hat and reflection in the mirror making sure danger is not around the corner. Taking everything seriously with his Performance Fishing Gear t-shirt as he maneuvers the boat rapidly thorough the open waters. (You get the picture?)

You may not know this about my Chippy, but he is a man that knows exactly what he wants to do with his life. His dream is to be on the B.A.S.S. Fishing Tour with Toyota and O'boy Oberto beef jerky as his official sponsors. In the off season he wants to be the guy that reads the books on tape and make the funny and serious voices.

Back off ladies...........he's mine!

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