Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's In A Name?

Some of you have heard, some of you have not......but we have names for Boy Baby Hawkins and Girl Baby Hawkins.
Are you ready?
Hell Yeah, Damn Right
Hotty Toddy
Gosh Almighty
Who the hell are we? Hey!
Flim Flam Bim Bam
Ole Miss By Damn!
Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Can you tell I'm excited about the upcoming football season? Anyway, back to what you want to know since the majority of my readers are State fans. I don't discriminate.
Ok......for real this time..... Are you ready?
Most of you know Boy Hawkins will be named
Charles Hill Hawkins IV
Girl Hawkins will be named
Catherine Henderson Hawkins
We will decide what to call her when she is born. Will she look like a Catherine or a Henderson?
Catherine Henderson is named after my great great grandmother Katherine, but we will spell it Catherine. Henderson is my mothers maiden name. Both names end up having Chip's initials C.H.H.
We cannot wait until August 20th. It is a month from tomorrow and it can't get here soon enough!


Marsha said...

YAY!!! Cool, cute names! I already knew about Hill, but LOVE Catherine. Henderson would be great, too...different is good in a small town. Swayze has Steven's initials...We used names from my dad's side of the family, but gave her his initials. Too cool! Wonder why Pearce didn't get mine? Hmmmmm....I'm just the Mama. So--this is awesome news...I won't have to talk bad about you bringing an unnamed baby home from the hospital!

Rachel said...

Marsha, you gave me a complex about having an unnamed baby girl. Not that my anal retentive self could go that long with out a name anyway. I was worried though. I had to fight for Hill because Chip wanted it to be C.H. and then he wanted a girl to be named from my family and he came up with Catherine Henderson. I am pleased with the outcome. I agree, I'm just the Mama.
I do have to say that my brother took up for me and said that when Chip can squeeze a baby out of his pee hole then he can name it what he'd like. Amen! Lucky for Chip, we agreed on names.

Jennifer said...

Love the names and can't wait to hear which one! Also muy glad you're back to the blogging. You are so funny!

Christy and Billy said...

I love Charles and Catherine! I can't wait to hear what you are having. I have been sitting here reading your blog and you crack me up! You and Chip are so funny and I love the blog you wrote about Jason and you both knowing your Nancy's favorite! We have been playing phone tag and I'm ready to hear your voice. We need to talk! Call me somewhere around August 20th if we don't talk before then. :) Love You and Miss You Much!