Saturday, July 25, 2009

Productive & Old

What a fun weekend! Very productive and you all know I love to have the feeling of accomplishment and productivity at all times.

Friday night the Hart, Whitney & Tanner Pettit Family came over and Chip tried out a new recipe on us. We had Prime Rib (from Prime Meridian cookbook) and it was good, everyone seemed to enjoy the specialty. We also had pineapple casserole (page 200 of the Prime Meridian cookbook) which is pretty much a staple in our household. I always double the recipe so Chip (and I) can have seconds and left overs. Joyce was cooking her summer veggie casserole and made an extra one for us; it is fantastic it has home grown squash, zuchini, and tomato with Velveeta, butter & rye, yum! Thanks Joyce you are the bomb. We had a spinach salad with pecans and mandarin oranges with the make it yourself Italian dressing (my fav).

After we ate we visited on the patio in the wonderful weather then headed to the Pettits so that Tanner could sleep in his own bed. The Pettits, The Bells, Chip, Paxton and Brandy all gathered on their patio and chit chatted while I slept on the couch. Man am I a trooper or party pooper? It's still undecided.

Saturday I woke up super early thinking about K&S donuts only to be reminded (like every Saturday morning) that the donut place is not open on the weekends. Glenda, I will never understand that - if I've asked you once I've asked you a thousand times to get onto your in-laws about that nonsense. You can't withhold cravings from a pregnant lady - it's not pretty.

Since I had to wake up early and ironically enough pick Glenda up I gave her an earful about no donuts all the way to Starkville for a J.A. Conclave meeting. It was a very good meeting, all the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Treasurers from our region/area are so nice and fun and I've stated you all know I love productiveness. We got home around 1:00 and I came straight home to find Chip loading up the boat to go skiing.

Chip is addicted to skiing. We all have our vices, we found out last week mine is Dirt Cheap. Chip's latest obsession is with his boat. He likes to talk about how lucky I am. I mean really, he could be addicted to bad things like booze, women, gambling or drugs. I guess it's his way of justifying it. I'm cool with it, just like he uses that same booze, women, gambling & drugs line when hunting season comes around....then again when it's time to start fishing or when he has his boy time during Mountain Man. I must be the best wife ever. I should get an award.

Speaking of award. I should get an award for being the best gestating mother too. Not only have I organized hand me down clothing by month and ordered labels online so I can account for all the hand me downs, I sat for 3 hours Saturday afternoon and hand wrote 2748967256 pages in my "Waiting for Baby" book. Let me just toot my own horn. Toot. Toot. I have not hand written anything that much since before 1993 when I got my first computer.

Ohhh, do you want to feel old? Quick change of subject A friend of ours (who is in their 30's) had a box in the garage that his kids were going through. In the box were items from when he cleaned out his old truck. The kids pulled out this weird rectangular thing. The 16 and 14 year old looked at whatever this foreign object was all funny and finally asked their dad "What in the world is this?" He said.....that kids, that is a cassette tape. They had no idea what that was. TRUE STORY.

I leave you now staring in the mirror wondering where in the world the past 20 years have gone.

Have a great day!

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