Thursday, July 30, 2009

NCF Dancing Award

I myself do not claim to be a splendid dancer; so there may be funny pictures of me plastered on others blogs that I have no idea about....and I 'm ok with that. I watch enough So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Your A$$ Off to be secure with my white girl with ghetto bootie moves. I'm sure many many people have thought. Whoa, lady! Watch where you swang that thang.

Now what you all have been waiting for the Neshoba County Fair Dancing Award.
Here are my Top 2 favorite dancers of the night.
Meet Cowboy In Tight Jeans Doing Splits.

Chip said it wasn't the same guy as last year so this must be his younger brother or cousin, or maybe both his brother and cousin?

I am really sorry I coudn't get an action shot of the splits or the lightning speed his feet were moving doing a little shuffle doe-see-doe. You have to use your imagination because due to the lag of digital cameras coupled with the speed of his down to the ground splits and back onto his feet swiftness that can only be explained by the spring action of the tight jeans, I failed to capture this greatness. This pure skill can only be mastered in the privacy of your own home in front of your bedroom mirror while your square mom and dad are downstairs watching the evening news wondering what's wrong with the world today not knowing their kid upstairs is some secret rockstar who only wants to dance the rest of his life and make his debut on CMT and not be an accountant like his dad. breathe.

Now meet Ballerina Hippie.
(in the white shorts)

I watched this guy come on the dance floor. He neatly took off his muddly flip flops at the corner of the pavilion like he was walking into some sacred Chinese feng shui temple (do the Chinese have temples?) Anyway. He was excited to share his dance moves with his partner. We will call her Lady Luck. I don't know that she knew she was in for such a treat. Ballerina Hippie ruled his area of the floor while knocking out little kids in the process. He was twirling Lady Luck and she was trying to follow to the best of her ability....poor gal. He too had fast moves with his feet like Cowboy In Tight Jeans Doing Splits, but his were more of a ballroom or a Pasa Doble smooth manner on the balls of his feet unlike the way CITJDS does his line dancing.

At one point Chip turned to me and said...."I'm sure this is not the first time that hippie has danced in the mud" (I'm not sure why buy Hank Hill from King of The Hill's voice popped in my head as Chip's voice - - now I am laughing uncontrolably)

Sorry, back on track. I'm trying to paint a picture here. At times his limp wave-like body rolling was almost as if he was a Chipendale a sensitive way. As if we wanted to gather all of the butterflies from the sky and take them to a special place.

I could go on about both of these guys and many many others there, but I won't. I shouldn't. I am going to be cursed with a kid with no rhythm whose photos will be plastered on the internet like all the other middle aged white guys in that email we've all received that shows how to dance like a white guy (Click here to see video). The spin squat point to the Lord move you all know so well. I can't have that for my kid. I must stop now.

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DenKag said...

Oh, how I love people-watching...I SO wish you had video. Next time...