Friday, July 24, 2009

The Life Cycle of Stretching

The other day I was thinking about the word Stretch and it's many meanings through out life.

When you are a baby you stretch your body out so that you can grow big and strong

When you are in grade school you stretch before dance practice, playing sports, etc so that you don't pull a muscle

When you are in high school you lay on the bed and stretch on those jeans that are way too small but you want to wear them anyway.

When you are in college you stretch the money in your checkbook to be able to afford Thursday Ladies Night.

When you are a working woman you stretch out on the couch when you get home after a long day.

When you become pregnant you find your body stretching in places you didn't think were suppose to stretch....and it leaves a mark. What up with that? (this is what had me thinking about the word stretch and it's many meanings)

When you are a working mom you stretch your time to fit everything in.

When you are retired your face is stretched with wrinkles from you job and kid.

When you are old your face is still streatched but your boobs are pretty bad too.

Then one day we all stretch out and lay 6 feet under.

This is the life cycle of the word stretch. Do other people's minds think about random stuff like that too? Don't answer that.....Maybe it's just me?

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