Friday, July 17, 2009

Sneaky Jason

Since we are on the subject of family today........this is my brother Jason. He hates this picture so that is why I posted it. He thinks he looks like (and I quote) "a fat head with a neck wrinkle." I told him I think it's a good picture but the head tilt is a little queer. His comment was that he had his head straight and the photographer said, "Okay, now pour a liiiittle bit of water out of your left ear." I digress.
Love you Jayston! You are the handsome-est in da world!
I love my big brother so much and he knows it so that is why I can make fun of him. You see Jason has this complex. He's the middle child so I guess it's natural, but he has this need to be the favorite child. I let him think what he will just so he sleeps better at night.
We all know the truth though, I am the favorite. I was the favorite grandchild, I'm the favorite daughter, I'm the baby of the family, I'm carrying my parents grandchild. Anyway, you get the idea.
So last night I check my email. Jason has gone fishing with some buddies and caught a ton of speckled trout.
Here is how I imagine the story going......Being the "favorite" he calls up our beloved mother and says, "Oh, dearest beautiful Mother, how are you this evening? I have fresh trout and was thinking of you and how much you may like to feast on them. With your permission, I'd like to turn the water into wine and break bread with you at your house tonight." My mom overwhelmed with excitement agreed this would be a nice treat.
Then I get this picture in my inbox.......

Look at what he's done! He's making my wonderful mom slave over a hot stove cooking him fresh Trout Almondine. Poor Nancy Lou.

The email with this picture read - - "Pregnant or not, I'm still the favorite. Mom is making ME Trout Almondine."

He's such a PUNK.


DenKag said...

Let him think what he wants - we know the truth...the "baby" is ALWAYS the favorite!

Rachel said...

Heck yeah! You know where I'm coming from!