Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

I'm sure you are all like, no joke Rachel! Well I've been pregnant for right at 25 weeks now and I've had the normal symptoms and what not, but each phase has been different.

I started off with the I need carbs to make me not nauseated phase, the refrain from not drinking the vinegar bottle craving, on into the holy cow my back hurts, followed by the Lord please turn my desk into a cloud so I can sleep. Then there was the longest lasting (still there on a bad day) I'm fat and my clothes are evil streak, or the continual bladder the size of a grain of sand issue, followed by the I can't really sleep problem.

Now I'm at the MOTHER of all symptoms (no pun intended). It's the my belly is a basketball and I can't get out of bed ordeal. Makes me REALLY feel like I'm pregnant.

This poses a problem because the mornings I'm not automatically up at 6:00 I have to figure out how to hit the snooze button (8 times.) I don't keep my alarm by my bed. I have to keep it at a distance as to not rip it out of the wall or turn it off when she blares her annoying alarm noise. Anyway, I have figured out that from where it is the cord will reach to the corner of my bed, so I don't have to travel far after the initial sounding. When it goes off, I simply do a special little maneuver where I catapult /kick my leg to give me leverage to get up. Yes, it's a very well thought out ingenuitive move, don't try this at home kids. After I am up I hit snooze and set the alarm on the corner of the bed and go back to sleep...8 times. Well, lately this basketball in my abdomen makes it hard for me to even reach the corner of the bed. Hello, how does that work? I'm in the bed, but can't get to the end of the bed. Sad. For. Me. Actually it's quite humorous.

So, I guess I will just have to start getting up when my alarm goes off. What a concept? Just another thing I'll take for the team through this pregnancy. Chalk one up for me, huh?

Onto other things, yesterday I went walking around the lake at the Country Club with my friend JJ. (Yay for my walking!) Since JJ and I are exactly the same weeks, both having boys, everything the same we like to compare notes. We have come to the conclusion that our boys are already just like our husbands...and they aren't even here yet.

Her baby, that will be named later, we will call Baby W and then of course there is Hill. These two little guys are so opposite. Hopefully they will level each other out as friends. (queue classical soothing music) Baby W is chill, he doesn't move around a whole lot, doesn't do kung fu karate moves all the time, doesn't give his mom grief - only occasionally to let his mama know he's in there and ok. Sweet little guy. So he is laid back, just like his dad.

My little Hill on the other hand, (queue heavy metal guitar music) he is already A.D.D. He is constantly flipping and punching and mastering breaking bricks with his head in utero. So talented. I think he has RLS (restless leg syndrome) like his dad. I think his fingernails may be long and he's clawing my uterus trying to break free. You can think of it as a mountain lion in my tum tum. He always has to be doing something. Like his dad. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. I hope I have the energy for him when he gets here! Or maybe he will exhaust himself in utero and come out sleepy and patient.

Hill will have so many friends his age! (unless he is breaking bricks on his head like a weird kid then no one will be his friend) He already has two friends named Jack waiting for him to come play! Jack Vance and Jack Jordan. He has Judson McGee ready to play some type of sport I'm sure. Baylie Rea and Anne Hudson are ready to break little Hill's heart and soon enough Pearce Marquerdt and Baby Martin will be patiently waiting for him too!

Jackson and Julie had their little boy day before yesterday - he was early and I don't know the details on why, but his mommy said he's doing great on his own. He weighed 4lbs 8 oz. I think they may get to come home tomorrow! Keep them in your prayers!


Marsha said...

I can't wait for the boys to be bedt buds! You have to quit worrying he's going to be weird-- he's going to develop a complex in utero. He's going to be a neat, cool kid--Like his Momma!

Marsha said...

best buds...not bed buds. That sounds bad. Sorry!

Christy and Billy said...

I was just having a freak out moment the other day. I have those often. :)Doing much better today. My little Joey sounds just like Hill...feels like he is break dancing in my tummy. But Molly is very laid back...she gets the hic-ups all the time...but other then that I can't feel her move very often. Which is strange because everytime we do an ultrasound...we can barely get her measurements because she is so active. Joey just out does her I guess. I am the same way as you are also when it comes to getting out of bed. I have learned on the day I have an alarm going off to get out on the first time and I have a new rolling motion that I do. It's so funny all the things we have do to achive such a small getting out of bed or off the couch. In fact I have new couches coming in 2 hopefully they will be easier to get out of. Glad to hear your doing good and looking pregnant. Love you and can't wait to see you!