Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doctors Orders: Rest not Nest

Doctors orders.

Today I finally had to admit that I was uncomfortably miserable and couldn't breathe. The middle of my back has been hurting since Sunday and I blew it off to my crappy bed. Then Monday I noticed myself taking deeper breaths like I needed more air so I blew it off as a baby leg in my ribs/lungs. Tuesday the combination of my back and lack of oxygen just sort of became a nuisance. Wednesday, I laid low after work thinking maybe for some reason I forgot that I had been beaten repeatedly. So by this morning, Thursday, I was feeling like I had to gasp for a good breath and when I did breathe deep I was being stabbed.

Maybe I should call the doctor?

So I did.

They asked me to come in. So I jumped in the car and headed to Jackson. Long story short, after visiting with Dr. North he sent me to the hospital to have a chest X-ray and sonogram. He wanted to rule out worst case scenario of clot or tumor in the lungs. The sonogram was to check on Hill and make sure he was good. Both reports were clear....and I got a picture of my little guys face AND I made the sonogram lady double check that he was still a he - and he IS for sure still 100% he.

So what is wrong? It could be anything. It could be that my uterus is pushing on my lungs and causing me to have shorter more rapid breaths thus feeling like I'm not breathing completely. It could be my bra doesn't fit right. It could be I'm a freak of nature. Either way, worst case scenario is ruled out ....which is clots and tumors. So, in the mean time I am on pain meds to rest and hopefully not feel like the breath is continually being knocked out of me. He hopes that after a few days of "chilling out" and laying low I'll feel better. I have an appointment Monday morning and we will know more about my status then.

For now, my Chippy is in transit home. Nurse Katie Lou is cuddling with me and I hope this post makes sense as I'm geeked out on Darvocet.
I leave you with a picture of my son's face. Hope you can make it out....I think he's smiling.


l cummins said...

That is just precious! Hope you feel better soon...

sm2 said...

Glad you called the doctor! Hope it improves soon! Love the new sonogram pic!