Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home again, Home again...

Texas was a blast. The flight there was fantastic. My mom picked me up and we went looking for a couple of things I'd been needing and then had a fabulous dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. After dinner we headed home because I'd had a LONG day.

Friday morning I woke up to the smell of cranberry orange muffins baking in the oven. Yum! Mom had made muffins, granola yogurt parfaits and chicken spaghetti all before 8:30 am. My aunt came over to visit and brought Hill a couple of gifts. Around 11:30 we met my brother for lunch at the Country Club and I got to see and catch up with a bunch of old familiar faces. After lunch my mom and I went and got a manicure and pedicure and my feet are now as soft as Hill's behind. Poor guy that had to touch my stinky crusty tootsies...he's a trooper. By the time our nails dried Meredith had made it to town and we were to meet her at the Crossing (a local gift shop) so she could register for wedding gifts. That was fun!

Once that was settled me, Meredith and my mom headed to my brother Jason's new house. (which I forgot to take pictures of) This house was remodeled by my him and my dad for resale and he's now living in it. It is a true story of the ugly duckling. I will have him send me before and after photos so you can all see.

After the grand tour and everyone (but me) enjoyed a glass of wine we went to eat at my favorite local mexican restaurant...Casa Hernandez. I could drink their salsa and their burritos are pretty much just like I remember from 4029875 years ago - delicious. Stuffed from having eaten ourselves into a coma we visited a little longer then headed to bed.

Saturday was the big day. We were headed to Houston for Meredith's two wedding dress appointments. First stop was Mia Couture we met up with Mere's step mom and 2 sisters. The shop owner Emily was sweet, helpful, knowledgeable and went above and beyond. There Meredith found 2 dresses she liked, but didn't make her decision because she still had one more stop. We had a brief lunch so we could be on time for our second appointment at Priscilla of Boston. There we met up with more of Meredith's family and my surrogate family the Leslie's. These people pretty much helped raise me...it was so fun hanging out with them I love them sooo much! It was the perfect day even though the wedding dress alteration lady made Meredith so mad by telling her she couldn't do something. After that situation passed an executive decision was made on a dress and it's absolutely beautiful. I'd post pictures, but I don't know who all reads this and I'd hate for her hubby to see it. She paired the new dress with the heirloom veil that all of her aunts and one cousin had worn over the past 35 years. Absolutely georgeous!

Once we finished with her dress the bridesmaids were able to find their dresses. Here is mine.
It won't let me copy a photo. It's dress #1302 and is in sugar violet (color on the chart between the black (onyx) and brown (truffle).
There are 3 other types of dresses - same color - and 6 others in the wedding...so 2 people wear the same dress then mine is the only one that's different. I love it! I had to order it then because it won't be ready until January so hopefully we guessed correctly on the size?!?!?

After Saturday I was exhausted. It was a fabulous day, but Sunday would have to be a day of rest. I went to visit my friend Christy who is 31 weeks pregnant with twins. I took her lunch, the chicken spaghetti my mom made, we ate and visited and I looked at my watch 5 hours later! We had so much fun catching up, I lost track of time! I had to head back to my moms house to have dinner with my brother and his lady friend. Mom cooked steaks and other yummy stuff which was extremely fabulous! Only then did I have to leave good company and pack up my things to leave the next morning.

I left with a lot more stuff than I came with. Hill got gifts and happies and hand me downs that are older than Methusila, sorry Jason. Hill did however end up with blankets that my grandmother had made which is neat.

Monday morning we headed towards my dad's house. He was not in town this trip, he had gone to Mexico. He called me and said he had a present for me at his house. We stopped by and visited with my step mom, Pam, and picked up my gift. It was a hilarious wooden 'snowlady' that was pregnant. I will proudly display her from now until it's no longer cold outside. I will have to post a picture and we can have a name that Pregnant Snowlady contest for her soon.

As you can see I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Texas. Therefore I will leave you all on that note and not finish up my blog post with my travels home. In a nutshell, it involves an old man with Parkinson's, Popeye's chicken, my Fatty McFat Butt and turbulence.

I haven't seen Chip since last Tuesday and since he was feeling bad Monday he headed to Oxford as to not infect me with whatever it is he has. So I haven't seen my hubby in a week and it will be Thursday night before I see him. Hill misses his daddy...or maybe it's me missing his daddy?

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