Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frist Parental Decision

The other night I wanted to eat at Pizza Hut. Even though we had left overs in the fridge I had to fulfill that craving. I am an addict when it comes to their salad with French dressing and then their pan pizza has enough buttery goodness to make sure my grease-o-meter has reached it's weekly maximum capacity in one sitting. Yum. So, Chip humored me and we went to the Hut.

The observant people we are noticed the kids at the booth next to us wanting to go and play in the corner play room. The parents without hesitation sent them on their way. The kids were playing and my not ever being able to hide my feelings due to my facial expressions must have looked disgusted. Chip started laughing. I knew he was on the same wave length as I was. I wanted to bathe myself in germ-x just watching them play in what we have now dubbed "E-Coli Corner." I asked Chip if it was ok if our kid didn't play in there. He seconded that motion and there it was...our first parental decision.

Side note: Sorry if you let your kids play in there, I'm not knocking you. I'm sure it's an ok play area, I've just never seen them clean it or wipe up after sneezy snotty kids in there.

Also, there was another first for me yesterday.
My first born Katie Lou has hurt eyes. She could hardly open them and they were so swollen and funky...my heart hurt for my little Goose. Chip being the wonderful Daddy he is took her to the doctor for me. This is something that was a huge step for me. I've never not been the one to take my baby girl to the doctor in 10 years. I guess this was a test. For both me and Chip. Chip did a great job! He took her, got her all fixed up and medicated and even wrote down the instructions for me on when and how to use the meds. He had to leave town yesterday afternoon but has called in to check in on her many times.

My poor little Lou Lou, this is a before picture. Herz got hurt eyes. The doctor cleaned it up and said that she has a busted blood vessel in her eye and then a little infection. Due to her age she is not producing tears like she needs to so we will need to put drops in her eyes to moisten them probably from here on out.

I've never seen her in so much discomfort. Hurts my heart. She has been such a cuddle bug. She is taking her meds like a good girl and has been resting on mommy and Chippy's bed. I think she's feeling a little better, but we aren't going to over do it....probably just give lots of kisses.

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Jennifer said...

I have been bad at reading lately but caught up a bit -- you sound like you're pretty peppy and I'm glad! I heartily third your great first parenting decision. I'm not so hip on the play places indoors myself. And you are a beautiful pregnant woman. We all feel like a house, yada yada, but when you meet little Hill you'll be so glad you were his house for a while. Sometimes you'll want to put him back in there to keep him safe from the world! Hope Lou Lou is perking back up, too. Happy day!