Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parties, Patients and Patience

I know. I know. This posting once a week junk is not going to cut it. Especially when there is so much to talk about! I should probably divide this post into Chapters. Grab a snack, you are in for the long haul.

Last Saturday Chip and I went to the Ole Miss game with his dad and step mom. Chip gave his regular ticket to his step mom so she could sit with his dad and we had awesome tickets right on the 50 yard line. Thanks, Frank! The Rebs won, which made the day!

Sunday I was just like a little kid at Christmas. I was up before the sun and dressed 6 hours before time for Hill's first Baby Shower! I kept texting the hostesses (Whitney Pettit, Meryl Allen, JJ Warrington, Tasha Grantham, Tina Graham, Kim Wiggers, Allison Bell & Jane Clarie Overstreet) to see if I could help do anything because I just wanted to be all up in the mix. They wouldn't let me. So I arrived early to the Country Club where everything was decorated absolutely adorable...and not to mention the food! Hello, pregnant or not, party food is my favorite food! There were pineapple sandwiches, spinach dip, apples with homemade caramel dip (I'm told was my mother in law's recipe - what a special touch), cheeseball, artichoke dip, nuts, mints, punch and of course a cake! Apologies in advance...I'm waiting on pictures since scatter brained me forgot my camera.
So, Once everyone got there, gosh almighty I ate like a famished stray dog. I opened present after present after present. Hill is so spoiled even before he has arrived! We are so lucky to have such wonderful caring friends and family. I have a lot to learn and I know they will be there to help guide me.....and not call child services when I do everything wrong.
For example I received an awesome baby bag with a pocket on the side. I said, oh wow! a place to store my cell phone. Everyone but me knew that that pocket was not for my benefit, but for the baby's pacifiers. I digress.
The shower was a hit. Hill received tons of goodies including the gift certificate to buy his crib from Tina and Tasha!

Monday was a big day for little Hill, and mommy too! We had our glucose test to see if we had gestational diabetes. I was worried because of all the party food I ate the day before! So, I decided to fast. On the way to the doctor (takes an hour and 15 minutes) I watched Chip eat his sausage biscuit and drink his coke as my stomach rumbled and growled so loud Hill thinks it's haunted in there. I had to drink the "orange drink" within 5 minutes and 45 minutes before my arrival. So a little after Carthage I popped the top, it wasn't bad at all. I like orange soda a lot and I was so hungry that I didn't care if it was flat tasting. Chip said, didn't have any problem drinking that down in less than 5 minutes. Hush your mouth, it was tasty. By the time we got to Flowood I was so whacked out from only having straight sugar in my body I was turning on the road to the doctors office and told Chip he should probably be driving. Just what you want to hear right?
So I made it the whole 50 yards to the parking lot and waddled my way into the the doctors office. That's what I do now...I waddle. Ok, so why is it always pure hilarity when I go to the doctors office? At this point I am so geeked out on this sugar high the nurse hands me a cup to pee in and I walk in the stall had to pee so bad that I smooth forgot to go in the cup. Sigh. I got a couple more trickles out, but was so embarrassed. I mean really? You have one task and you can't fulfill it? I apologized to the nurse and lied to her and told her I missed. I told her that if it wasn't enough I could come back in 30 minutes no problem and do it again. (Oh, I am laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face as I rehash this....I missed? How dumb.) Anyway, I go to the lobby and wait for my turn to do my blood test to check my glucose. By this time I am feeling rough. I am pretty sure I feel as though medical attention is needed, but I just sit there until they call my name and take my blood. After that Toni, Dr. North's nurse weighs me. For some reason I don't mind when she weighs me...I'm growing a baby...remember. Anyway, I only gained two pounds. Which is good because Dr. North said I would probably gain a pound a week, and I saw him 4 weeks ago, so he was pleased.
Toni took me into my room and said....this time we will be doing an exam.
Umm, ok. I didn't get that memo. Correspondence like that needs to be sent out on bright colored paper and email reminders sent out. I began to panic. I hadn't shaved my legs in I can't tell you how long and I was wearing my dress shoes that make my feet more stinky than normal, and I forgot to bring socks so he doesn't smell/see my feet. I feel the sock deal is like a courtesy or etiquette or something, maybe I made that up? Anyway, I was extremely unprepared. Chip even commented, you could have worn some nicer panties. Yes, I will say that again, my husband said I could have worn nicer panties to see my doctor in. What? You don't like the granny panty with holes in them look? It's the new black, babe! Maybe if I didn't say anything about the legs or stinky feet Dr. North wouldn't notice? Toooo Baaaaddd! As soon as he walks in the door I can't control the words coming out of my mouth and profusely apologize for all of the above mentioned grotesqueities (I think I made up that word). He laughs it off and makes me feel better. He is so nice.
He celebrated the fact that I passed my glucose test with flying colors! I had a 107 and he said 140 would have failed me. Chip told him how cracked out and weird I was once I took that "orange drink" and Dr. North assured him I would return to my normal self once I ate something to absorb the sugar. Baby Hill's growth (per my belly measurement) is right on target and his heart rate was 141 bpm. You go little man! Making me proud already!

Chip asked Dr. North about my placenta previa they found in my August sonogram and he said he wasn't worried about it. Chip asked about the H1N1 swine flu shot and Dr. North spouted out some medical mumbo jumbo that according to the Blah Blah Blah...I said umm, ok well what about according to Dr. North? He said he didn't feel one way or the other about it. Gave a statistic that out of 100 pregnant women with the swine flu 28 died. I said well what about testing. I mean I wasn't 100% comfortable with something that may effect/affect my baby that no one truly knows about. He said it had been tested thoroughly that he would deem it safe for little Hill. Chip chimed in and said, You are getting the shot. Dr. North looked at me like...well guess the decision was made? Chip said that if 1/3 of the women that got the swine flu died that is too high of a number to risk it. I can't say I don't agree, but I'm still a little apprehensive. The vaccine will be in by my next appointment in 2 weeks. We shall see how it goes.

All in all, besides my being cracked out on sugar, my hairy legs, stinky feet and holey panties......this visit was wonderful! I start going every two weeks now. I have a sonogram in 4 weeks and I only have 12 weeks before this little one makes his debut!

So that brings me to the last Chapter of this post. Nesting...being that there are only 12 weeks before Hill arrives my "everything" is in full force. I finally had to get a notebook to write down my to do lists. Yes plural, list(s), there were many lists. I think that Chip is having a little bit of nesting too. He is just approaching it differently. It's the clutter factor. The clutter factor is where everything you own is in your way. I am ready to clean it up and ship it out. I have 19 cabinets and 13 drawers in my kitchen. They were ALL rearranged last night....including the pantry in the utility room. I am not sure where to begin tonight. Maybe closets? If you'd like to come over and keep me company you are more than welcome to. I won't put you to work...just hang out and talk while I toss most everything that I will probably regret one day! This nesting phase is exhausting!

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