Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

So, my new years resolution is still the same ol' same ol' cliche stuff like - lose weight, save more money, yadda yadda yadda - but this year I am adding something new. So many changes have happened in my life this past year - some good some bad, but it has really changed me. I'm not saying this is for the best either. So, my new new years resolution is to change my negative attitude. I have a friend that is such a Debbie Downer (like that Saturday Night Live skit) and I feel like I have turned into her and I really am not happy with it. I know how my attitude effects others and I don't want to be "that person". Now just because I am working on this doesn't mean I remember to stick by it 24-7. It's my resolution - I am trying to resolve this issue within me, so just bare with me. :)

I went to Alabama the week after Christmas and found my hubby an apartment. It's a nice little one bedroom - he calls it his bachelor pad. He called me last night (his first night there) and we were kind of sad that it became a reality he was there for real. I guess staying in a hotel for 3 months doesn't really feel like a place to live.

This year will bring a lot of hurdles to jump and obstacles to cross, but that is why my new improved attitude will help me though it. Lord, just give me the strength. This new year will be a challenge for me in every aspect.

As for the losing weight. I am in 2 weddings - one in October of this year and one in March of next year. So I have about 10 months to shape my ass up. I say as I just ate 3 of Paula Dean's Georgia Cookies, can't find the recipe online to post, but her new cookbook - a must have.

HAA!! I almost forgot the funniest thing over the holidays. We had a Christmas party the Saturday before Christmas and had a great turn out. A lot of fun people. To sum things up ...the person that never drinks threw up all over my back patio and the person that drinks often threw up all over the side of my house. I guess that makes for a good party? And I would have been throwing up all over if I'd of had to clean up the vom, but my dear friend Tasha gets the medal of honor for hosing that nastiness down. I thank you Tasha with all of my heart - really - there is no way I could do it for you. Just a little take away from the party - according to drunkard #1 (no names mentioned for the safety of the individual) we have brought back the words "Holmes" and "Boss". Here is an example on how to use these words in the same sentence. You have called your local game warden at 11:30 pm to find out the limit on the hooded meganders (aka. flying nuns) and you have to leave a message. "Hey Holmes, this is drunkard #1. If you could give me a call back that would be really Boss. Thank you." So kids, that is your lesson of the day. Please use your new vocabulary every chance you get - that would be really "boss".

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