Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today is my Katie Lou's 7th birthday!!!

This morning we went on a nice walk and smelled every strand of grass and every leaf along the way. I remember when I first got my Goosey. All of her brothers and sisters, little tiny poofy cute little Lhasa's were running around one tackling the other, one chewing on lamp cords and being funny little pups. But then there was this one little girl that wasn't poofy because slobber from her siblings made her hair mat down and not fro up into a little snowball. She was the last out of the cage and came directly to my side and sat down by me on the floor. She didn't want to romp around, just wanted to be near me. I picked her up and placed her in front of me, but she waddled back to my right side and just sat there. I knew she was the one. I said - this is her, this is the one for me. Both my ex-boyfriend and the dog breeder were questioning why I didn't want the other dogs that were playful and little poofballs and not the sickly looking runt like the little white one to my side. I just knew it from the start she was with me until the end. We got in the car and she was scared to death - rode between my neck and the headrest the whole way home. I got her home and she pooped on my roommate and I gave her a bath. She looked just like a little rat when she was wet, still does. I blow dried her hair and she was a poofy little princess. She gained her self confidence and became the Queen of my world.
We've been through a lot me and my Lou, most things no one will ever know about. We've been through boyfriends, heartache, loss, college, my trips abroad, trips to TX, roadtrips down the Natchez Trace, grooming fiascos, movie marathons, long mornings laying in bed, marriage, moving, bringing other dogs into our routine, long hours by my side as I work, and way too many other things to forget.
Most people think I'm absurd for loving my dogs as I do, they are just dogs Rachel. Sorry, I just wish it were that easy to say. My dogs, especially my Lou has stood by me even if I was wrong or having a bad day, she's been there when I've had wonderful days and some of the most important times of my life. She's kissed away too many tears and has made me laugh too many times to just consider her a dog, she's the ultimate and knows me better than anyone. She knows when I'm upset and just need her to hold me and she knows when I'm happy and runs around excited for whatever that wonderful thing in my life may be! She's taught me many things like slowing down for just a minute and smelling that pretty spring flower, going for the gusto, responsibility, how to love, how to forgive. It's amazing my little girl has had such an impact....but she's just a dog? I beg to differ, she's my strength. As I sit here typing this blog I have grateful tears of happiness for having her and re living all she's helped me achieve...and you know what she's doing? She sensed my emotions, barked for me to pick her up and is now sitting up here on my desk licking my eyes. That's what it's all about. My happiness is her happiness and vice versa. We know that we can't live without each other, and to me - that makes each morning worth waking up and our love unconditional. Herz my Goose.

So my little one, I look forward to the many many more birthdays we have to celebrate and thank you for being you.


sm2 said...

that is so sweet. you are making me tear up too!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong in celebrating the birthday of your pet. I get teary eyed when I think that my "baby" is going to be 4 this year.

On another note, I'm glad you are feeling better after your surgery. I'm recovering now myself. I'm getting bored already staying at home and it's been 1 day!