Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How to Save A Life...

Save my life, please. I want to go hear The Fray tonight, just found out they were playing about an hour away and tickets are still available. All of my friends, yes all 3 of you, have become responsible adults and that leaves me to be the lame ass with no priorities.

I have been thinking...last night triggered the thought process. Chip and I were checking out our friends blog furniturefootnotes and it's his business site. Chip thought it would be funny to tool around and post a comment with my name and a comment that I was drunk and some obscene return email address. Well he hit submit and really did it. We cracked up laughing and then decided to call ol' Jack and tell him what my husband did a) because it's his business site b) because my name was associated with it and that's not cool in Small Town Baptist Belt, MS that I was drunk, which I wasn't....yet. We got a good chuckle, but it was the beginning of a realization that maybe we are immature. Is that a problem? Are we just kids at heart or really don't have our priorites straight? But now that I can't find any friends on a whim like when I was in college to go out with I can't help but feel like I have lost my skills. I don't think I'm stuck in the late 90's early 00's....am I?

I do have things that I am looking forward to: Thursday, my friend Lisa and I are going to eat dinner and catch a movie in Jackson. I am excited for a change of pace and hanging out with a familar face! (No, I didn't plan on that rhyming.) Then, possibly this Sunday watching the Super Bowl in my fun stomping grounds, "O-Town," and hang out with my fun responsible friends in my fun old hood. Hubby and I have to discuss further but Yocona River Inn was mentioned in that conversation followed by, but we are poor. So, maybe I'm not too far fetched from feeling like I'm a college kid again. Broke and looking for fun 24-7. Mmmmm, Yocona.

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sm2 said...

When we say Yocona it is also followed by but we are broke. Tip: don't go thinking, "I'll just get a salad or the catfish. That won't be much." cause when tempted by the special apps and that sinful delight that is the Yocona filet- you can kiss your money goodbye. I can't wait to hang out with you in the hood.