Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I made it!

Surgery went well and I am still recovering. I'm able to move about and shower and what not - I pushed it a little yesterday, but both hubby and I were getting a little stir crazy so decided to get out about town. I think I watched over 10 movies by Sunday and comprehended maybe 1/2 of them. Thank you pain meds :) The people at Baptist Hospital were wonderful. Chip and I tried to make jokes the first hour in the waiting room because we were both soo nervous all we could do was crack up at stupid thing...for example - there is a big screen TV that has a patient number and status that family members can keep track of their loved ones. I thought maybe they would post how things are going up there and Chip was like - "No, this is where you place bets on the patients that are going to make it - like horse racing" We were delirious and trying to make the best of this stressful situation. Cracking up tears rolling down the face laughter. So, they called me back and prepped me for surgery. My husband is "goobed out" to say he least at any hospital thing...for heaven sake he about flipped his lid walking by the gift shop - the teddy bears gave him the heebie jeebies he almost had a panic attack. So we went into the holding room where they put the IV in as he faced the wall and covered his ears. Once the IV was in my left arm and Chip would only touch the tip of my finger on my right hand - it's like he thought the needle was going to shoot out of my left arm and out my right hand fingertip? Then the anesthesiologist came in - Dr. McCloud - more like Dr. McHeaven...I was hoping I wouldn't say anything ridiculous to him once they gave me the "margarita" as he called it. Evidentially I did some some funny things because I had everyone cracking up in the OR before surgery. I remember one of them saying they were glad to have a happy drunk! Then they put the "oxygen" over my eye and the nurse cracked up and that's all I remember. Wheeling me into recovery was extremely funny. I finally came to and there was a cut out heart with glitter around the edges and in the middle it said "I love U" - I asked the guy in recovery if my husband made that for me - he said "Why, yes he did" I sat there for a minute and as serious as the day is long said, "you're silly, no he didn't he's not that creative." Then I asked if the digital thermometer box on the wall was where you put your dentures when you have surgery. So after a nice shot of morphine and the fire in the pit of my stomach was put out (nausea) they took me back to the holding area where my Chippy came. I asked him if I won the trifecta on the surgery races and he told me I did. So, long story short - I did say some silly things, but none of them too revealing, that I know of.
Chip said that everyone in the waiting area thought I was having some massive detailed surgery because nurses kept coming out and letting him know how I was doing every few minutes. Then when surgery was over - the surgeon came out and talked to him. He said everyone kept staring at him because no one was coming to talk to them about how their loved one was doing. Then yesterday I get a call from the Hospital asking how I was feeling. I was extremely impressed. I saw the doctor that referred me to the surgeon yesterday in my outting and told him what a great experience it was and appreciated Dr. Cummins and Baptist Hospital. I had a really good experience and will definitely write them a thank you note. I don't think people write enough thank you notes these days.

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sm2 said...

You didn't tell me about the dentures box! That's hilarious!!! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.