Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Preparing for Friday

Yesterday I went to Jackson to do my pre-admission stuff for my surgery Friday. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would and everyone was so nice there at Baptist. The nurse that took my blood had been there 27 years and she did not look a day older than 30 and had a 31 year old daughter. How did she get such great genes? I needed to know her secret, but she didn't have one. The questionnaire lady was really nice too, she wasn't pushy nor interrogating about medical and family history. She got the facts she needed, answered the questions I had and then sent me to the financial lady. The financial lady was so nice and let me know the most I would have to come out of pocket and she had the most beautiful complexion. I swear, I know I keep going on and on about these women's appearance, but it must have something to do with stress and lack there of? They were so easy going and happy and ready to help me in anything I needed. It really says a lot to me, their customer service is exceptional. Even the receptionists were joking with me and making me feel welcome. I hope my surgery experience is just as great as the pre-admission.
After the I left the hospital I went to Barnes & Noble and saw the Mississippi Magazine Bridal edition. I called Susan to tell her how beautiful her and D's page was, read up on a lot of books, couldn't decide which one I wanted so I left and went to Huntington's Grill. I figured, what the heck - why go home and sit and watch TV. CSI doesn't come on A&E until 10 or 11 anyway. :)
I like going to places and meeting random people. I met the Head Master of a local private school and we talked for a while. He wants to implement an International Program and we talked about foreign countries, the kids, the experiences. It was a nice intellectual conversation. One that none of my 3 dogs can carry on with me. After a glass of wine or two I decided - they took blood from me and I hadn't eaten, so I probably needed to not order another glass and head back to the Land of Koz. On the way home I checked back in with my friend Amy, she had a hysterectomy yesterday (she's 26). She was on some good pain meds and doing well. Then my Mere called me, she was in Houston doing a charity thing for the Rodeo. She's Miss. Do Everything - I admire her and her will. She's definitely a giver. And ALWAYS knows how to crack me up and make me feel better. That's what friendship is all about. We are definitely "soul mates" as she put it in the beautiful toast she gave at my rehearsal dinner. Life wouldn't be good if it weren't for people like that in your life. Everyone needs them. tear....tear...

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