Friday, September 12, 2008


Thank you all so much for the continual flow of calls and prayers for my family and friends in Texas. Everyone is in their designated safety spot in preparation for the hurricane that will be hitting down in the uncomfortably near future. Everyone is boarded up, supplied with food, water, booze, flashlights, candles, generators and playing cards. Wharton County, where my mom and brother are does not have a mandatory evacuation, but near by counties do. Same for my dad, stepmom, grandmother and niece in Fort Bend County. They are steadily calling and checking in with me so that I too can keep my sanity 750 miles away from every single one of my loved ones in the middle of a potentially catastrophic time. Sigh.......

I will keep ya'll posted and again thank you for the prayers.

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Lisa Blair said...

Rachel - Was there much damage to the homes of your family? I hope everyone is safe and healthy.