Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need everyones vote. Chip and I have finally narrowed down our couch search after over 3 months. If you haven't been to our house to know what it looks like, shame on you, but vote anyway! :) Your choices below are Lane or Ashley.

Keep in mind the throw pillows aren't a necessity.

Click on the link and check out the Lane Couch

Click the link then click on the small picture at the top that is second from the right. It gives a good view of just the Ashley sofa.

Much appreciative,

I will let you know the final decision in about a week. :)


Leah Maria said...

I have been couching searching off and on for over 3 years now. I'm going to have to start seriously looking soon when Brian and I move in to our new house together. I have the picture in my mind what I want, but never can find it!

I like both, it's a hard choice!

Mel Francis said...

I like the first better than the 2nd but I really do like them both.

hows that for indecisive.

Jennifer said...

i like the looks of the first one but the second one looks comfier, perhaps. so i think second? comfy is king.