Thursday, August 30, 2007

LSU vs Mississippi State

Yes, you have the right website, it's Rachel - not some crazy football, Sports crazed, ESPN lovin' blogger. I couldn't think of a title and since I have been immersed in State Fans talking, talking, and talking all day about the State / LSU game tonight it's embedded in my brain.

What a different culture. I come from a land far far away where we do have football rivals, but it's not like an "I have nothing nice to say to you because you pull for the other team" type of rivals. The utter hatred that people have for the opposing team is quite humorous to me. My being from Texas - you do have your people that bleed orange for the University of Texas and your Aggies from Texas A & M, but I really don't think they go to either school because of the football team. I could be sadly mistaken, but I know I didn't go to Ole Miss because at the time Tubberville was kicking butt as coach. We've been through 3 coaches in my tenure with Ole Miss and each time it stirred way more commotion than voting for president.

Don't get me wrong - I love my Rebels and have stuck by them through thick and thin, but really....the hatred that my husband and his friends (some for the opposing teams) have for their rival is absolutely hilarious to me.

I may be hit by a sniper when I leave the house in the morning for saying this or if my husband reads my blog we may be signing divorce papers next week, but I like LSU. I pull for my Rebs over LSU, but I must say I am pulling for LSU over State tonight (don't tell anyone I work with.) I've had some fun times in Baton Rouge (best friend went to LSU) and I admire their team spirit, some say they are evil, and they may be, some say they are rowdy, which they are - but I've had not one bad experience at an LSU game. I cannot repeat that out loud, I'm not a traitor, I'm loyal, but I guess I just don't take it as seriously as most - or maybe since I'm not form these parts it just wasn't pounded into my head as a child?

As I was saying - the culture is different. I've spent the last 9 years in Oxford, home to the Rebels and now living in a town closer to State I catch flack all the time. At least the CEO of my company and my boss went to Ole Miss, so I won't lose my job when we beat State this year.

I'd like to share with you a conversation that took place a few weeks ago between a die hard MS State fan talking about two girls - one went to State and one went to Ole Miss - they both live in New York now......

The Ole Miss girl will be looking for a new roommate soon and the State girl will be needing to find a new apartment. Voila! one would think - they should room together, right? Oh con-tra-ire mos-sier, the State fan telling me about this alleged predicament absolutely could not fathom these two girls living together - "I mean really, how would that work? I guess they could divide the house in half and one put MSU stuff on one side and the other put Ole Miss stuff on the other.".............................Ladies and gentlemen - I kid you not. That was the conversation. How could they live together? There would be absolutely no way - they pulled for different football teams.

If that doesn't sum it up for you - maybe I'm the idiot? I rest my case...........


sm2 said...

Don't tell anyone, but I pull for LSU against any team other than the Rebels. They are friggin awesome and typically kick butt. And they sure no how to party! My grandfather went to LSU and Daniel's brother Zach goes to LSU, so I have a familial obligation to support them some what. Have a good weekend! Love you!

Lisa Blair said...

LOL! LADIES!! How could you pull for LSU??

Go to hell, LSU! Go to hell!

Are you Ready???

Mel Francis said...

LSU = worse. fans. ever.

Woooo Piiiiiig Sooooooie!!!!

Leah Maria said...

I agree with Lisa and Mel.

LSU = bad.

Are you ready!!!!