Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have the need to be inspirational today or tell everyone something that they can ponder on.....but I can't think of anything. So, now I want to be funny and entertain you guys with my silly antics....but I have none.
I can only bore you with the mundane things like I bought new suits to wear to work this past weekend because as fashionable as I am...I have to wear a suit. I have to say that it boosts your self confidence a little. You feel like you look nice all day and that you should demand respect with your pant crease and buttoned up jacket. I have to wear closed toe shoes too, so the pointedness of my heel is a little intimidating - like don't cross me or this has a special place it fits.
I'm not rude, arrogant or pompous as I stroll professionally down the halls. In fact it's quite opposite. People like me and want to be my BFF because I take the time to listen about their husbands kidney stones, I answer questions in meetings that start off with "well, you see Mr. ____ the pricing index compared to our continual growth," and I also willingly lend a helping hand with out being asked. Who is this wonderful person everyone is speaking of??? It's me, the girl with the tailored look and "pretty face." Gah, don't you know?
You guys probably think I'm not right in the head, but I was day dreaming in an earlier meeting today because I had read articles about how to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Through my 23970546 mph thought process this tid bit of fantasy (if you will) was what I pictured. Not all of it's fake, I do wear a suit and closed toe shoes and listen to people talk about their husbands kidney stones, but it's not glamorous......even though everyone still wants to be my BFF...............right!?!?


sm2 said...

I have no doubts everyone wants to be your BFF! I've been meaning to tell you....the gas station guy with the deep voice we love works in the meat department at Kroger! He ALWAYS says, "Hey, how ya doin' maam" when I walk past! I love it! It makes my day and make fighting the crowds at 6 pm in Kroger so much better! We'll have to go meat shopping next time you are in town!
Love you!

sm2 said...

Daniel made the top 10 on pioneer woman's latest photo contest. That lucky sob. I hope he wins next time! Let me know how you is.


sm2 said...

Have i told you lately...that i love you...Actually, i was going to tell you that Jackson is getting a p.f. chang's in case you didn't know. lettuce wraps...heaven!