Monday, July 23, 2007

Everything Changes

Change is a part of life, we all know it and we all come to expect it. But really now friends, have I accidentally distanced myself too long to where EVERYONE has had a major change? If you look to my left at my daily readings everyone has had a major change.

The Janii has settled in her cross country move and her sister is married off now.
SM2 is another year older (and traveled to Seattle)
Mel-o-Drama and family are relocating (and she went to her writer's convention)
The Pioneer Woman has given away a gigantic Photo Contest prize that I missed.

Sigh...I have no exciting dramatic news. The only change we have made is that we are a little "greener" - we bought a Prius. It's nifty and will help out hubby on gas costs. He averaged 48 mpg on his way to Alabama this morning. Go us, doing our part....I guess? (Sorry no pics - I need to get a new battery for the camera.)

We have been skiing in the boat these past few weekends. Let me rephrase that - I have been sitting in the bow of the boat being chauffeured around the lake whilst I drink my beverage and tan. I'm glad we bought the vessel and fixed it up ourselves - I have more of an appreciation for her.

My only fun friend in Koz has traveled to Florida for a full week and I am lost, so I thought I'd tackle the slowness of this DOS era desktop we have inherited. I can't complain - she does her job, slowly, but surely. I better post this incase she gets a little crazy and stops working.

I miss you all and keep on changing and I'll do my best to keep up!


Jennifer said...

You're back! Yay! We miss you! Where are the Mel-o-Drama and crew going? I skimmed through her blog and couldn't find it. Is FNC still part of the story?

Congrats on your new Prius! Let me know how you continue to feel about it. My friend in COSprings who had one loved it. I guess it'd be too small for the Janii right now but maybe a little ways down the road when there aren't two car seats involved ...

sm2 said...

Are you fairing it up this week? I've been listening to updates on it on PRM. Have a blast and talk to you soon!


Mel Francis said...

Hey're welcome to come to O-town and help me pack....