Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best Wishes

I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! I did a little cleaning and went swimming and then headed to a friends house to watch the fireworks. It was low key - hubby wasn't in town.

We finally got our boat from the boat repair guy, 2 months later. Can't complain because he did a great job on the couple of things we needed tuned up and charged us "half of what it would have cost anywhere else" - - - I still thought it was expensive, but everyone else was raving on what a great deal it was. So long story short, the boat is in motion. We went out on it Sunday and had a good time, then lounged in the lake. I'll get pictures this weekend because I know we'll be going out again. I'm still a little weenie when it comes to doing things aquatic because of my ear - even though it is fine and healed. I'm a little over protective of it.

Saturday night we held the after party of the 1997 Kosciusko Class Reunion. My sister in law brought a caravan of people over around 11:30 pm and they didn't leave until 2:30 am. I on the other hand went to bed around 1:15am - I'm the hostess with the mostest, right?

New job is still going well. Since we have had 2 Monday's this week I was able to stick around my desk and work on a project with the other analysts. It has been good so far, but I miss chit chatting with FNCers throughout the day. I also miss my Solitaire Showdown Tournaments.

Ok team, I am off now. Sorry I have nothing exciting or insightful to leave you with. Have a good day!

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sm2 said...

I need a new post! Let me know how you are doing and how the job is going!