Friday, June 15, 2007

Lack of Energy

Whoa, what a week. I am completely pooped. I enjoy my new job and love meeting the new people. Today, Friday, I sat in on the Board of Directors meeting. This is where they approve the big loans on though. It was a lot more fun than the Wednesday Loan Committee meeting because one of our long time friends is on the board and he is a hoot - always has something funny to say about everything .... which made time pass by faster. I then moved my way from the proof department to the computer room. I don't have a total grasp on all they do there yet, but will learn more about it Monday and Tuesday. At 3:30 they had a baby shower for one of the girls in the office. I knew her so I pitched in and got to partake on the punch and cake. Yum.
So next week I have Monday and Tuesday in the computer room learning more with Kelsey who thinks that the water park is the greatest invention since sliced bread. She did have on the new Mary Jane Crocs and now I must have a pair. Adorable! Then Wednesday I think I have to go to Memphis for the Loan Committee meeting and then drive around and look at properties we have made loans on - that should be fun. Then I have off Thursday and Friday because hubby and I will be going to St. Louis for his regional conference. Should be interesting and I'm looking to have fun. Chippy is dreading it, he doesn't much care for St. Louis, but I've never been and am looking forward to it. Hopefully I will have time to post some next week, unless I drop dead from exhaustion. I guess I'm not use to eventful days - so this is a good thing. I had become a hermit, which is why I know I needed the change.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Special shout out to the Janii who is moving cross country this weekend - safe travels and let us know all about the adventure!


sm2 said...

Peter and Candace are heading to St. Louise next week too. they are going to hit up some museum that has an IMAX and a 1 hour Segway training for $20! Sounds like fun to me! Yall should check it out.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your new fun job; sounds like you are smokin' their socks off over there with your big brain! :) I'm glad you're still posting your entertaining posts -- I was worried there at first. Hope St. Louis is fun for you. It sure is trafficy there, I can report from recent experience!

Leah Maria said...

I saw a pair of Mary Jane Crocs last night a friend had on and I must have some now too! Those are too cute.

Have fun in St. Louis!