Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New J-O-B

As most of you have caught wind...I am no longer an FNC'er come Thursday. I put in my resignation because I am going to be an M&F'er. I guess I'm meant to work for companies with acronyms? Acronyms that can be swirled derogatory if you say them just right...silly me.

I accepted a position as a credit analyst with Merchants & Farmers Bank. The commercial side of banking is allegedly where it's at. The credit analyst position is a two year "training" to become a commercial lender. I am excited about this because as it's been explained to me it is somewhat of a "specialty" division. You have more authority and bigger promotions as opposed to the retail side. Once I have the training under my belt the sky is the limit. As one of the commercial lenders told me, he moved "light years" ahead of the game. It gives him a sense of job security because not every one is capable to just walk in and be a commercial lender. In this company when a bank President leaves, they don't call on a branch manager to step up, they call in the commercial lenders. So, the future looks bright in this area. I love the banking industry and think that this new skill will help me better myself. I'm looking forward to a new challenge and being involved face to face with people again (I say that now, ha). I also look forward to the training because they are really hands on and will allow me to sit in on loan meetings and board of director meetings, thus helping me learn more.

FNC has been good to me and I loyal to them as well. With where I am in my life right now I think my new venture is what I need. I am extremely grateful in everything they have taught me and I hope our great rapport continues on because I consider everyone there my family. No hard feelings, just room for growth.

So to all my FNC friends that read this, when I come to Oxford or go to Jackson -don't think I won't be calling you to hang out! I will still crave my nights on the Square and dinner and movies in Jackson. You guys are my family, not some fair weather friends ---- you are stuck with me!

Unfortunately I won't be able to blog or IM during the day at my new job, but maybe one day I will learn to wake up early and leave you a blogg-y treat for your morning reads. I will keep you updated as often as I can. Love to all, this is not the end.....but just the beginning.


Leah Maria said...

congratulations on the new job! I know you will do a wonderful job. Good Luck!

Jennifer said...

Yay for new job! But you, my dear, will have to keep blogging just a little bit. We want to hear what's going on with ya!