Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Early Coast Christmas & Birthday

Last weekend I went to the coast.  Since Jane Claire (Chip's sister) is due with Addie on the 28th of this month she can't travel for the holidays and since I am almost a month away from my due date this would be the only opportunity I'd have to get Madison and Addie their Christmas and Birthday presents.

Friday after work I drove down to Gulfport with tons of gifts in tow!  Madison may feel like she has hit the mother load of all toy and decoration lotteries.

For Christmas Chip and I got her a kitchen....
I got plenty of practice on Toy Building 101.  I learned that the cordless drill is any parents tool of choice.  Also, I learned that it takes you 1 hour longer than you expect to put things together, so allow for assembly time.

When she woke up Saturday morning, it was like Christmas!  She ran to me as I was trying to finish it up and asked..."is dat foh me?"  I assured her it was and she gave me a big ol hug and said thank you!  Too sweet. 

She couldn't play with it enough!  She kept asking us if we wanted her to make us soup.  Of course we oblidged the first 3,000 times then we asked for brownies.  Most of the time the brownies were way too hot to eat because they were just out of the oven.  So we had to be careful.  The kitchen was my favorite toy growing up.  Yet, mine didn't have buttons that make microwave and oven noises, cordless phones that talk or burners on the stove that sizzle.

I died laughing...Madison was on the (pretend) phone - she was mad at someone and so I asked her who she was talking to, she said that the Target people called her skanky and so she was so mad at them. Only a child of Jane Claire.  Geez, I say that now, who knows what Hill will come up with!

Trying to explain to a 3 year old that the kitchen is her Christmas gift and now we were going to open her birthday gifts was like talking to her in German.  I guess it really doesn't matter that she probably doesn't understand she is getting her birthday gifts 2 months in advance.  I just know that February 7th  we will not yet be ready / able to make it down to the coast with a little one in tow.

Unwrapping birthday presents.

You see since Addie is arriving soon, Madison has moved to Snooks room
(where Adrienne would stay when she'd come visit) with the big girl bed.
The problem was that it was decorated like an adults room. So, Aunt Ray Ray had to fix that!

Before Photos

After Photos

Finally...a little girls room!  She was so excited when she saw all the fun bright stuff! 
The paintings of Sponge Bob, Ariel and Squidworth were all painted by her Snooks.  That little girl loves her some Snooks.  If you ask her where Snooks lives.....she's the first to tell you - In her heart.

Next time I see Jane Claire she will have had Addie.  I am just so sick that I can't be there on the coast when she's born.  Oh well, at least Addie and Hill will be mere days apart and can grow up together.  Can you imagine....two more mischevious Hawkins kids?  Are we really ready for this?

Have a great day!


DenKag said...

I love the "skanky" part! Kids pick up on EVERYTHING!

Marsha said...

What a fun trip:)