Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lady In Waiting

I feel like a lady in waiting.  I've heard of a lady in waiting, but never really knew what it meant so I googled it....
A lady of a royal court appointed to serve or attend a Queen, Princess, or high ranking noblewoman. A Lady in Waiting was not quite a servant. Ladies in Waiting were considered 'noble companions' who, by their status and nobility, could better advise a woman of high station.

So, technically I'm not a true lady in waiting because I'm waiting to serve or attend my little Prince, we aren't really royalty or noblemen. Lady in waiting has nothing to do with birthing babies.  Yet, I'm sure to deem me a servant status would be appropriate.  So, sounded good until I broke it down.

I'm sad.  This morning I couldn't even stand there to blow dry my hair.  I had to go get a stool from the kitchen to sit down to do my hair and make up.  Last night I didn't eat dinner because I saw an infomercial on Smores and only wanted smores or baskin robbins ice cream.  The slow cooked pot roast we made sounded extremely unappealing and it's like my favorite under any other circumstance.  Then I didn't go to baskin robbins because I didn't know what I would get and couldn't get off the couch and cahnge out of my pajamas at 6:00 pm so I just laid 7:00 I decided the furthest I could go was the bedroom to be my final resting place.  Again, I'm pathetic.  Glad we get off work early this afternoon and then I have 3 full days of probably doing a whole lot of nothing.  Sounds fabulous!  I secretly hope that I get a second wind so that I can feel better about some nesting things that have not been tended to. 

Merry Christmas Eve my friends......hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family or even just sitting on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing sounds fabulous.

Love to you all.


Mel Francis said...

hey Rachel,
Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas. you guys have been in my thoughts a lot lately. Hugs, Mel

Anonymous said...

You were mistaken, it is obvious.