Sunday, December 20, 2009

Diaper Changing 101

This weekend Chip said he didn't know how to change a diaper. We can't have that; so we enlisted our first born, Katie Lou, to be the practice baby.

Much like swaddling......Chip is a pro!  What a good Daddy he already is!

Tomorrow, Monday, we have an appointment at 3:30.  I'm sure Dr. North will just check the heart rate and for dilation.  I don't think Hill is ready to make his debut, but we have the car packed up just in case. 


Marsha said...

Good job! Did Katie Lou squirm and squeal and draw her little legs up where you can't get the diaper fastened? I'll let you two practice on Pearce....but, it looks like you've got it down pat.

I'm keeping my cell in the house with me tomorrow so I can get a Hill update via text, okay? I'm getting it out of the car right now!

Rachel said...

Katie Lou did squirm and get put out. I told Chip that happens for real too. We both may need to practice on Pearce!
I will let you know what the dr says.

DenKag said...

I love that you put a diaper on a dog. Hilarious. :)