Tuesday, December 29, 2009

37 Weeks & Feet

Yesterday's doctors appointment was unproductive, but a step closer to next week...week 38.  Week 38 is the week he promises we get to make a plan for my baby Hill's arrival.
At week 37 our baby boy is said to measure in again at 41 weeks.  I say "said" loosely because I originally asked him what I was measuring and he said 48.......I raised my voice and said 7 weeks in 1 week?  Good Gawd! So he pulled out the measuring tape again and said...oh ok, you are right, it's still 41 - I misread it.  I'm still not sure if he was humoring me or if he is the one going to contact Guiness Book to be there in the delivery room.

I let him know about our sweet niece Addie being born at 8lbs 10oz and he assured Chip and me that Hill had surpassed his older cousin in weight already.  Oh yes, I must publicly apologize for blaming the Hawkins on the size of my son.  Dr. North informed me that it normally follows the maternal birth weight.  Ummm...I was little.  Like 6 maybe 7 lbs?  Maybe we have some type of reverse something where he'll be a big baby and a skinny adult.  Where I was a small baby and a big adult?  Here's hoping to you kiddo!  Truth be known I feel like this Hawkins gene is just super strong and trumps my Childers gene in everything.  Whatever. As long as he eats his veggies I'll be happy.

As for other important things to document; he has a heart beat of 137 bpm which is good and I have dilated ZERO - - AGAIN...which is not good.  Well, it's not bad, but it just means that he is not coming out any time soon.  So, looks like we've made it through Christmas, will make it through New Years and on past the Cotton Bowl (which Dr. North has not packed for yet...I asked) and right out of claiming him on our taxes this year.  So we go back again at the same Bat Time and the same Bat Place Monday 3:30pm, January the 4th (week 38) and we will talk more about an action plan.  HE PROMISED! 

I think I have been very patient about the situation and not tormenting Dr. North about it.  Chip probably disagrees because he is the one that has to hear my daily sob of "my baby is never coming out."  Whaaa.  I think Chip is quite possibly more ready for Hill to arrive than I am!  Wonder if it's because he's excited or if it's because he wants me to stop being so consumed in why he isn't out yet!  What a wonderful daddy he will be.  I can't wait.  Obviously! 

What I do know... Dr. North said he is of the opinion that no person should have to birth a 9lb anything.  I gently touched his hand and said "God Bless you, Dr."  So, that means that my baby is potentially over 9lbs and I will more than likely be having a c section.  I secretly am torn.  I will be upset if Hill weighs in less than 9lbs and I didn't get the opportunity to go through the birthing process.  I will feel a little cheated. Is that weird?  As my friend said, if he is bigger than 9lbs, my 'hooha' will thank me.

So let's talk about this possible c section and my feelings on the situation. 
1) He will not have a cone head - that is a plus.  Chip had a big cone head and it's my understanding it was so bad his dad thought he needed to have surgery.  Given, his heroic mama birthed his 9lbs 10oz self.  Wow is all I can say.
2) He will look more like Winston Churchill.  What?  Yes. According to my husband all babies look like Winston Churchill when they are born.
3) A c section is scheduled.  This is exciting for me and my OCD because I get to plan!  We ALL know I love to plan!  Yet, it still takes away from the whole rush-to-the-hospital-oh-my-goodness-we-forgot-the-camera-holy-cow-we-are-having-a-baby moment.  Yet, this is a plus for Chip because he has this HUGE fear I am going to have this baby in the car on the way to the hospital. The down side is he said that every man has the dream and awaits the opportunity of driving super illegally fast to the hospital and not getting a ticket.
4) My family will have time to prepare to be here for the birth if I have a c section.  They are all in Texas and want to get to Mississippi as soon as possible!  Everyone already has their bags packed and are just waiting for a GO!

If I have a c section it will be just fine.  I want the safest route for both me and my baby. At this stage he is locked up in there tight and even though he feels like he is falling out I was assured that he is not going to.  Well isn't that good news?

Jane Claire asked me today if I thought that Hill would have what I dubbed the Hawkins shoebox feet.  I totally forgot to look at the sonogram with his foot on his head to see!  This is something I didn't think about, something very important.  How could I have not thought about this in the past 9 months? Have you ever seen JC or Chip's feet?  They crack me up.  Like maybe they should buy shoes just to wear the box they came in.  I'm not talking trash, seriously, they laugh with me about it.  They know it's true.  It's funny cute in like a Flintstone yabba dabba doo kind of way. 
Dear Lord, please spare my sweet baby the shoebox feet.  Thanks!

Well I have to admit that I may rather my son have shoebox feet than my stinky feet.  It's really bad.  Like take what you are thinking and multiply it by a trillion.  You know me, I always tell on myself.  I have boom-bostic chronic foot odor. Chip can't wait until I'm not pregnant anymore so that I can hopefully get on medicine to make them stop smelling.  If they don't have foot odor medicine then he more than likely will single handedly fund for a pharmecutical company to do the R&D to develop it.  This isn't new news.  My dad tells stories of when I was a child and they were in the living room watching tv and my shoes were by the couch.  He thought something had died, but my brothers said it was my shoes.  Probably my white canvas Keds from 1986 with the curly shoe strings..or it may have been my Reebok hightops with velcro?  Either way this stems back over 20 some odd years.  I hate shoes, maybe it's for this reason?  If I could go barefoot 24-7 I would. 

Now that I'm pregant the odor has been cranked up loud. I only have a couple of shoe wear options in my closet. My tennis shoes, my Keen black stretchy flats, my flip flops and two pairs of dress shoes (one black one metalic).  Since I have these few options they are on super wear smelly overload.  They all live outside on my patio until it's time for me to put one of them on in the morning time.  I'm serious.  The other morning I was in the shower and smelled something... oh it was my shoes, I forgot to put them outside.  They were by my closet like 10 feet away from my steaming hot shower with smell good shampoo circulating the air.  My shoe odor trumped my clean odor.  This past weekend I finally got the courage to ask Chip if he maybe threw away my black dress shoes because I haven't seen them in like a month.  He said he didn't, but he might have not been able to take it anymore and tossed them.  I can't be upset.
I could go on and on and on about how bad it is. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of stories across the globe about my foot odor.  It's ok.  I cope with it.  I'm not ashamed.  I just do not wish this curse on my son.  Maybe he will have my feet without the odor.  Bless his heart if he has his daddy's feet with my foot odor.  He's doomed for life!  Great, one more thing to worry about! 


Brooke Morehead said...


Hi. There is a possiblity that you have tried this before, but just in case.... I hear that brewing 8 bags of tea (unsweetened) and soaking your feet for 30 minutes a day eliminates foot odor. The tanic acids absorb the bacteria that causes the smell. Your feet may turn tan, but tan feet are better than stinky feet!

Brooke Morehead
KO native

Rachel said...

I have not tried that but will try it tonight! How fabulous! Thank you so much.

Brooke Morehead said...


That is awesome! Let me know what happens.