Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's all about me

I have had a wonderful past 3 days!

Thursday after work I treated myself to a pedicure. Being that everything from the knees down is like a big sausage....I'd hoped to get a leg and foot massage out of the deal but as soon as the lady started to rub the magical menthol stuff on my legs that made my shins grow lungs and aerate. She commented how tight my calves where......yes, yes they are....that is why I am here. Please rub them. She didn't. What a punk...being my first time at this pedi place I'm not sure if this is normal protocol or if she was worried I'd birth the baby in the foot tub. Either way, I was disappointed in that aspect, but happy because she got the hoofs off my heels and painted my toes a pretty redish pink fall color. It was nice. Hill will appreciate it being that my toes will be one of the first things he sees when he comes out. I'm sure he'll love it.

Then yesterday after work I got my hair 'did'. I got my hair trimmed and colored -- and again, my grey hairs did not take as well as they usually have pre pregnancy. I hope it's just hormones...I guess we will know next go round.

Then today.....I have become one with our couch. I've caught up with most every thing on the DVR in the living room and then some. It's just been me, my mommy boppy pillow, a down comforter, the couch and the pups. I have not moved in 6 hours (except to go to the bathroom). I am resting. It is nice. I feel no guilt. Chip is out at his annual Mountain Man retreat, his boy time. It's his favorite time of year and all the guys look forward to, talk about, and plan for it 364 days out of the year. I love that they do that and their stories crack me up year round.

Tomorrow I plan to possibly do the same thing as today. I may relocate to the recliner....just depends on if I get a wild hair or not.

Monday is the big day....the sonogram (2:30pm) and visit with Dr. North (3:00 pm). We will know more about when Hill will get here after that. I can't wait. I have felt like he has been wanting to fall out for the past couple days. I have to get a tutorial on how to time contractions, etc. I've been having some, they aren't the real deal...I assume those are to be painful. I don't know. I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be now that my hair is 'did' and my toes are purdy.

I will update you all Monday evening or Tuesday morning on what the doctor says. In the mean time I'll just be here in the living room if you need me.....whether it is the couch or recliner is yet to be determined.


Melanie said...

How many weeks are you?

Rachel said...

35 weeks

Marsha said...

Glad you're slowing down a little and getting some's really your last chance!

Sassy said...

I am 'proud' of you for resting, little one........The time is drawing near....I CANNOT wait to meet our little Hill!!!!!! Luv ya..