Thursday, December 03, 2009

Family Vacation Minus Half the Family

Even though I've had my swine flu vaccine I guess my dad, stepmom and brother didn't want Chip and I to vacation over Thanksgiving with them in Mexico. (insert guilt trip here)

Usually once a month or every other month my dad travels to Soto La Marina, a little town in Mexico.  He has a little place there to retreat.  I haven't been in years, which is no ones fault but my own.  Anyway, this time everyone planned a trip to San Miguel de Allende while I'm all bred up and convenient.  Then throughout the whole week they send me links of places they visit and pictures of them doing fun things and they call me and tell me what a fabulous time they are having.  My brother now thinks he's the favorite child, whatever helps him sleep better at night.

Anyway, since we all must live vicariously through my family I figured I would show you a few pictures they sent me.  Look how happy and relaxed and smiley they are......punks.

Pam, Jason & Dad at a quaint cafe having coffee. 
Jason eating up the attention.

Pam & Dad having fun without me

The view from where they stayed.....sigh.

Then I received this link of where they stayed.

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