Thursday, November 19, 2009


First off, my mom is doing better. They released her from the hospital yesterday around 3:00 and prescribed physical therapy and pain meds. They think it is muscle related. Due to her immobility she is staying at my aunt’s house because she can't be alone. She's on the road to recovery, and I thank you for your prayers, but please don't stop them just yet!

In other happy healthy news, Sonic serves anything off of their menu at any time during the day. Why after 32 weeks of pregnancy am I just now figuring this out? I suppose I'm supposed to be ashamed of myself, but this morning I was starving for something with substance, not sweet, and didn't want your run of the mill drive thru breakfast. I wanted a hamburger and my daily fountain coke. Mmmmm....fountain coke just may be the best invention. Even more so than cars, electricity or bacon. That's how much I love them. Anyway, I didn't eat dinner last night because I lost track of time. This morning Hill wanted dinner. I couldn't fault him for that because I had obviously deprived him of it.

I'd never been to Sonic in the morning time, but I figured I could at least get a good fountain coke. I pulled into the cool side of Sonic and there was a lady cleaning the windows. I asked her if they served hamburgers this early in the morning. She said we serve anything on the menu all day, every day. Shut your mouth! How fantastic! So I did the appropriate motherly thing and fed him a hamburger and fries at 8:00 am. Oh yea, and got a 44 oz Cherry Vanilla Coke.

I should video my stomach right now...he is flipping out everywhere!  He either really loved it more than anything in the entire world or he is super mad that I gave him a hamburger and fries for breakfast.  I vote that he loved it because it sure was fantastic.  Here is a picture of it's fabulousness....

I opted out for the onions.  I really don't eat onions on anything but Sonic hamburgers .... weird I know.  The other day Chip and I got the brown bag and I got onions on my burger.  For those of you that know my husband understand the capacity in which he hates onions, lettuce or ketchup.  It's like bad.  So bad that I have to go to the back patio to enjoy my lunch in peace.  If I don't, it's the whole...GAH, that stinks! OMG, I'm going to be sick!  PEEWWW, that is awful!  Or my favorite, where he sits at the table with me but turns his back to me and pulls his food closer to him as if my food was rabid and going to attack his food and make it nasty.  He's so weird. 
So anyway, I opted out for the onions because he made really self conscious the other day.  I got the onions on my hamburger and ate outside like the nice considerate wife I am.  I came back inside after I finished eating and still got the whole OMG, it smells like onions in here!  I went and washed my hands with the vibrant smell good soap in the guest bathroom as to maybe mask the smell then walked back through the living room.  GAH, those onions stink!  As if I had stepped in a pile of onions and it was on my shoe like dog poo or something?  I asked what I could do in the middle of a PEEWWW that is awful and he suggested I take a shower.  I didn't go to that extreme because he was being ridiculous, but I did end up changing my clothes because for some reason he thought they were tainted.  That is what I have to put up with.  So even though Chip would not be at my work today to critique my onion smell, I decided against onions at 8am for my coworkers sake.

Chip can always tell when I am pissy at him because I'll eat something with a ton of ketchup.  I love ketchup, but under normal circumstances not enough to provoke the dramatic above mentioned scene that sets off gag reflexes and a holy moley the smell is infecting my clean air intake, I'm going to suffocate routine.  One time I was mad at him about something and was eating ketchup and he walked by and said, I notice you aren't as sensitive to my needs as you once were.  I laughed so hard....on the inside of course.  I'm evil.

Once Hill comes we will have to make Daddy eat outside on the patio as we enjoy our foods he hates.  I will throw myself in front of on coming traffic to make sure my little boy does NOT inherit his father's eating habits.  If he does, I will sell tickets at the door to the Drama Queen Routine at the Hawkins house.  Then you can pray over me after each show or just go ahead and take me to the looney bin.

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Melanie said...

Sonic was my BFF with my last child. There was nothing more satisfying than a Sonic cheeseburger. I also might have gone in the record books for the most pregnancy weight gain, but in hind sight it was all good!!!