Monday, November 02, 2009

7 Month Pregnant Hot Mess *Updated*

You may have never seen anything of the sorts......I know I haven't. Yet I found out I could go my whole life without ever seeing a 7 month pregnant hooker again. Too bad my pimp took off his purple velvet hat and mink! I took off my hot pink boa and spiked heels......but you get the idea.

This could go under Wikipedia as the definition of a 'Hot Mess'

Don't you love the turquoise bra with brown leggings?
(the zebra form fitting top is really a skirt pulled up as a tube top)
And what about my pimps gold necklace and hairy chest?
Both my mom and my step mom called me las night to say that they had no idea who that was with Chip. Then Chip reiterated what an awful picture that is of me. Glad it's a Halloween photo. Now you know why I don't wear lots of makeup and tight clothes. :)
Good info if I ever need to be a part of the witness protection program.
Not even my mother could recognize me!


sm2 said...

Love the costume! That's awesome!

l cummins said...

y'all are too much!

Leah Maria said...


DenKag said...

I think you look smokin' hot. You should definitely save those pictures to show Hill how cool you were!!! :)