Monday, November 09, 2009

Lazy Weekend

This is what we did all weekend

Friday night we grilled sausage and Chip & I hung out on the patio at the house.
Foxy Mama slept on her pillow.

Saturday we watched the Ole Miss game and boiled shrimp at the house.
Foster slept on his chase lounge

Sunday I did not move off of my couch. I don't think I've ever done that. A whole big beautiful day of nothing. I can't even tell you what I did or what I watched on TV. Well I can tell you I played 'Words With Friends' on my phone all day like the big ol' nerd I am. I guess if my friends were playing too then that makes them nerds as well.

Katie made a pillow fort and crashed.

A shout out to my friends Susan and Daniel that had a beautiful baby boy Sullivan Alexander on Sunday at 2am. He weighed 6lbs 8 oz and was 17 inches long. Mama and baby are doing great and daddy is grinning from ear to ear.

It's the human nature to compare. Susan was 37 weeks. That means if I were Susan then my baby will be here in 6 weeks. Ummm...6 weeks. Like I don't even get my hair colored every six weeks....or shave my legs. I don't water my plants or clean my toilets that often either. 6 weeks might as well be tomorrow...I'd prefer he wait though.

Tonight is our first child birthing class. I'm sort of nervous. I hope to learn a lot. Chip will be there and he's smart. He'll absorb the info and me and my awful pregnancy brain will probably forget everything. I don't think anyone explained to me how absent minded you become when you are pregnant. All I hear now are moms saying..."and Honey, it doesn't get any better after the baby comes." Really? I thought you all were my friends. It's a pretty important sliver of info you forgot to mention. You are suppose to tell me that when you are with child half of your brain shrivels up into a raisin. You start shifting your head to the side and blurting out obscenities while coloring on the wall. Ok, so it's not that bad, but honestly I was a smart person before the baby took my brain. I sure hope he's a freaking genius. I will be disappointed if he's not.

On top of my empty headedness I've started to have crazy dreams. I had a dream Saturday night that the baby was coming I could feel the top of his head down there coming out and no one would believe me or take me to the hospital. I can't remember what happened (or how I was walking), but I think I probably ended up driving myself. I guess since I panicked when I woke up....that's the decision I made if that were to really happen- - I'd just drive myself.

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