Friday, November 13, 2009

Photos to help you understand....

why my blog is titled
No Really...This Is My Life
Here are a few random photos that sum it all up.

This is a redneck. 
He took the lawnmower to the carwash to shine er' up!
Oh wait, that's my husband.

Then we have the Bama fan mullet. 
Total business in the front and a serious throw down frizz party in the back.
We did the whole non-chilant, 'Oh Honey take a picture of me
standing here in the parking lot' trick in order to capture the mullett lady

Then when Chip is home from work and school and I have to lug my large pregnant self
out of bed each morning to go to work this is what I have to leave.
How is that fair?

Then of course you have Foster, the wanna be lap dog.
 He climbs in the recliner to sit with you.
There's not much you can do about it either.

It's always a game of hide and seek at the Hawkins residence.
When you put the dishes away you never know what you will find lurking in the cabinets.

Do these photos help you get an idea of what type of
every day activities go on in my hilarious life?


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