Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joke of the day....

Two pregnant ladies walk into an ice cream shop.

Evidently that is a hilarious joke in itself. I thought it was and seemingly everyone at the Baskin Robbins thought so too.

JJ and I went to eat Mexican food for dinner and even though we were stuffed we HAD to have something sweet. It's dramatically crazy how alike our pregnancies are.

So we head to the Baskin Robbins and were the only ones in there, which was great being that we are both extremely indecisive, so it takes us a minute to narrow down what we want since everything sounds fantastic. The ladies working there guessed immediately that I was having a boy. She said it was because my belly sticks straight out. How did she know it wasn't the 39807632 chips and dip I ate before my dinner even arrived? They also knew we were due on pretty much the same day. How do they know these things?

Anyway, so this guy comes in and we wave him on to go ahead since we want everything. He orders and they make his milkshake. Now there are 2 other people in line. He gets his shake and they ask him if there is anything else he needs. He said, well there is, but let these two ladies go if they know what they want now. How sweet. He must have a wife that was once pregnant. Now there are 3 other people in line. I decide I want the brownie with two scoops, one chocolate scoop one cherry jubilee scoop with hot fudge, whip cream and M&M's. YUM! So I get my mound of love to induce me into a coma and go sit down and wait for JJ. Evidently everything that JJ wanted they were out of, but later found the stuff to make her a snickers sundae. Again, YUM!

So there I sit. I can't not eat my decadent mound of love, it may melt - so I dig in. It is so yummy I find myself dancing. You know, when you like something you do the little uncontrollable happy bop in your seat. Half the time you don't even know you are doing it. Chip always calls me out on it. Then JJ gets her stuff and pays, it's like everyone in there was so cooperative and understanding and nice like we had this incurable disease that's only remedy was ice cream. When we were leaving even the janitor told us to enjoy our ice cream.

And enjoy it I did. It was fabulous and now I am so sickly full I am going to bed. Nite Nite.

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JJ and Allen said...

OMG I hurt so bad after that!! It was fantabulous though! Next time I'm up for just the ice cream :D