Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Occupy my mind.....

Update on my mom.  I was able to talk to her last night.  She was really groggy and of course worried about me...she is so selfless.  She has enough pain meds in her that she should be in a coma, but the pain is still there. They can't figure out what is triggering the pain.  They will do an MRI today to check for fractured discs, and see if there is anything abnormal going on.  Thank you for the prayers and please continue them. 

Last night I tried to be productive to keep my mind occupied.  I was able to actually sit down and go through the checklist of what I need to take and pack for the hospital.  I had purchased things I knew I needed, but I hadn't put them in a bag yet.  Thanks to my friend Jennifer that sent me a list of what to pack and how to pack it we should be in good shape.  There are still a few things I need like batteries for the camera, a robe, rolls of quarters, and playing cards (phase 10 / uno).  I have to figure out what outfit I want to wear home and pick up an extra bag of dogfood so I know the pups are taken care of.

As suggested, I have seperate bags so as things happen there will be seperate bags for specific needs.  We won't have to carry everything in all at once.  I thought that was a fantastic idea!

I have a labor bag that is to help pass the time - it has magazines, notepad, pens, chapstick, new socks, lotion,  germ-ex, ponytail holders, elastic ouchless headbands and a brush (I must be really worried about my hair??).

Then I have a sack full of snacks for my family.  Since I am anal and did this so early, I did check to make sure the food doesn't expire before January 14th. Thank you very much!  It has peanut M&M's, snack bags of cookies and crackers, Cheese crackers (aka Nabs), nutri-grain bars, sugar free lifesaver swirls, sugar free wint-o-green mints, big bag of regular wint-o-green mints (Chip's ultimate favorite).  There are other things, I just can't think of them....I really only think about the peanut M&M's....every day.  But we are forbidden to open anything!

Then there is my overnight bag.  Growing up with divorced parents, doing the every other weekend thing the majority of my life made me a good packer.  I can make more travel like less.  I have 2 sets of pj's with button up tops and pants and one gown.  I have panties (of course), more new socks, and slippers.  I do have to get this sleep bra that is seemingly all the rage and a necessity.  I also brought a box of thank you notes. (I know I'm a geek) Then bathroom bag is filled to the top.  It may actually be rediculous.  I have enough toothbrushes for the whole east wing of the hospital. I have toothpaste, soap & body wash, shampoo & conditioner, shout stain wipes??, mouthwash, boobie cream, dental floss, wipes, razors, deoderant, and other stuff that we just MAY need. 

On top of these bags (which are all sitting in the car seat) is a list that says make-up, hair dryer, cell  phone chargers and then where to find them.  There is also another asterik that says - call dog sitters.  Can't forget about my four legged babies during all of this!

Ok, so we have the labor bag, the snack bag, and the overnight / necessity bag.  Then there is Hill's bag.  I packed Hill's bag and it pretty much has like 6 outfits because I don't know how big he'll be, 3 blankets, socks, and hats.  Everything is washed and ready.

All we have left is Chip's bag.  He is in charge of making sure he has what he needs clothes and panty wise. I have taken care of toiletries. 

I know it sounds like I'm packing up everything but the kitchen sink.  I just may be!  Yet my train of thought is that all of this can sit in my SUV that has plenty of room and never be used....but if I need it - it is there.  Sort of like our Coleman chairs, they sit in the back of my car 24-7 so we are prepared to tailgate, sit around a campfire or visit on a friends patio at any given moment.

Also, I have made a list of Names & Numbers & Log Ins.....per my smart hubby's request.  He must have learned this in his birthing partner group.  I have the clinic number, the hospital number, then family members numbers, friends numbers and log in information to my blog and my facebook.  This list also has my social security number on it as well as my Med Key # for the hospital....that number houses all my pre registration insurance information in the hospitals system.  Nifty huh?

I do have on my list of things to still get together - my laptop.  If you guys can think of anything I've left off please let me know!! I'd hate to do without! 

Ok, I'm ready to have a baby.  He needs to stay in there a little longer and grow, but I'm ready whenever he is!  I think.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Ummm.....I'm having a baby.  That is weird.

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Sandra said...

Did you put Sassy's name on that list of folks to call?