Friday, November 06, 2009

Feeding my baby

When I got my hospital registration packet there was a list of classes that expectant parents could take. Of course being the pre planner nerd freak of nature organizer I am signed up for all of them.

Last night was the first class I signed up for. I met JJ up at Woman's Hospital so we could learn how to feed the babies. It was a 2 hour class on breastfeeding. I didn't know much about breastfeeding but by darned I was gonna learn about it to decide if it's something I'm interested in doing. I'm new at this stuff, I must weigh the pros and cons - It's the just thing to do....and the even though everything on the Internet we read is true, it doesn't provide me all the knowledge I need to know. (haha)

All I knew was it's good for the baby and it's cheaper on the pocket book. Sounds good.
My fears were more or less selfish and not so much geared towards the baby. Whatever, I gotta think about me during this time too, right?

Anyway, there were a TON of people there and they had all researched beyond comprehension and were seemingly there more or less for affirmation of what they've read. I felt dumb.

"Hi. My name is Rachel and I'm here today to figure out if it's worth saving money on food for my baby and having my body metabolize faster to lose baby weight." No, not really, but that's how I felt. It should have been "Hi. My name is Rachel and I'm interested in helping my baby have a higher IQ and build a strong immune system."

All in all the class was really informative. There were a lot of very well educated ladies that brought up way too many things that I'd never thought of. So that was good....overwhelming, but good.

My friend, The Janii, or who I consider the ultimate super mom and epitome of all things good and wonderful, sent me this book (and adorable outfit) early in my pregnancy that I am EXTREMELY excited about.

I went out the next day and bought an industrial sized food processor to make all this fab food. There are real people recipes in there that you can make for the whole family then just puree for the kiddo. I'm excited to venture out and try this.

As for the other classes, the next one should be interesting. It is a 4 week Child birth class (every Monday.) I have enlisted Chip to go with me. His buddy asked that I take pictures of him learning the breathing techniques. I won't do that to my Chippy, he's been a sport by not putting up a fuss when I ask him to do things. I don't really ask much of him though.

This weekend we have a friend coming to town and staying with us. The infamous 'Hambone' aka Al Bell's protege. If you are attending Toy's wedding then please take a moment to introduce yourself to the 'Bone.' You can't mistake him....I'm sure he'll be dressed just like Al. His real name is can call him Hambone or Bone...he probably even responds to Al.

In other news that is exciting to no other human but me, Hill's room is coming together nicely. Yesterday I picked up a changing pad and cover at Babies R Us. I don't know why but purchasing that one item felt like a weight had been lifted. Today I will pick up my chair and ottoman. Then there are only about 4 or 5 other things I need in order to feel better about my to do list.

I will work on completing the hospital bags this weekend and then move onto finding cute towels and a shower curtain for his bathroom and adding a few cosmetic touches to his bedroom (pillows, things for the wall and a side table.)

Someone please tell me once I get my to do list completed I can finally relax?!? I like this nesting thing because I love the feeling of productivity, but I just need to see an end in sight. Does it ever end?


sm2 said...

Go for breastfeeding! You can do it! As for the nesting, I bought more stuff for nursery yesterday, hung pictures the day before, plan to steam clean carpets again tomorrow. that answer your question?

Rachel said...

Yes, that answers my question. Not the answer I wanted to hear though.

Melanie said...

I know "breast is best", but.....If that isn't how you feel don't let all the breastfeeding Natzis(sp?) make you feel guitly!
You will be an awesome Mom, no matter what you choose.

Rachel said...

Nah, no guilt here. I think I will try it and see how it works. I don't want to say I didn't try.

Thanks for having faith in me Melanie! :) I hope to be a good mom. I hope that other moms see me as responsible enough to let their kids come over to play. :)