Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Katie Lou vs. The Roomba

Ok ladies and gentlemen here you have it. The Roomba in action - - in my kitchen.

I doubt you will ever find this thing as amusing as I do, but I caught this on video and I panicked a little at first when it went under the stove but then the final result was hilarious! So glad I caught this on video.

For those of you that know my Katie Goose, she rules the roost and this crazy robot thing has her a little perplexed.


sm2 said...

Bailey isn't too sure about our Roomba either. His name is R2. Have you named yours yet? It's definitely a man. No woman would clean by weaving back and forth like a drunkard. :)

Rachel said...

We have not named him yet. I too think it's a boy. Chip wants to name it Rosie - - like off the Jetsons.
He then suggested CP3O or C3PO or whatever...but as you see I can't remember what it is. I'm thinking like drunk uncle bob or something.