Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Daddy Ever - Child birthing Class Night 3 & 4

I am doubling up on this post since we are dedicated learners and went to child birthing class two nights in a row! Chip is unable to attend our last Monday class (November 30th) so we went to Week 4 Tuesday night class last night.

Week 3 (Monday night) was informative. We learned about all the scary things that haunt me like epidurals, c-sections, poop, amongst other things that are gross. It was a computer simulated video so it didn't show people getting epidurals inserted or sliced open for a section, but cartoon renditions still made Chip queasy. He had to turn and face the wall as not to watch and rubbing his sweaty palms on his pants. I'm surprised he didn't stick his fingers in his ears and start humming so he didn't have to hear about it. Poor babe, I know he'll do fine in delivery as long as he's on my right side and my IV is on the left side. He gets his medical / needle / blood fears from his mom. She could think or hear about something bloody and pass smooth out.
I feel better...mentally. I think Chip does too. We don't like surprises.

The second half of the class we toured the hospital. Chip and I had already toured months ago but went ahead anyway and did it again. Woman's hospital is so nice. The rooms are great, the people seem nice, and everything is state of the art. It got me really excited to birth this baby! I think it set in with Chip that this is going to happen soon! He was talking about how we needed to go ahead and pack bags (check), then he would think of things we needed to add to the bag that I hadn't thought of (can you imagine I forgot something on my list?) It made me even more excited that he was excited and thinking / talking about it.

After the hospital tour Chip suggested we head to Best Buy to look at cameras...both camcorders and digital cameras. We decided that maybe we should stick with purchasing a good digital camera and then later down the road purchase the camcorder. We are up for suggestions, pros, cons, loves, hates on your digital camera or camcorder to help in this process. You know we are big researchers and appreciate any feedback on what you use.

Since Chip will be unable to make it to next Monday's last child birthing class we went to Week 4 last night and can now consider us ready to birth a baby. This group was a more interactive group. The regular teacher was out, but the substitute was great! The teacher talked about caring for your baby, what to expect to happen to your baby from the first second to 6 hours to when you walk out the door of the hospital. We talked about after care for yourself once you've delivered and all the security measures they take to make sure your baby is safe from being snatched.

Evidentially baby snatching is a big deal. So, if you come to visit me do not be offended if the nurses refuse to let you hold or be left with my baby. Only Chip and I will have id bracelets that will match Hill's and we are the only two individuals that a nurse can leave the baby with. There is another bracelet on Hill's ankle that is an alarm. Any time that bracelet nears an exit or is tampered with the whole hospital sounds an alarm and is on lockdown. Then on top of that the nurses have photo id's they wear and a special color card with special markings to let you know that they really do work there and will take your baby to the nursery and not kidnap it.

Then once we covered all the ins and outs of baby care she showed us how to swaddle. Guess who got picked to practice in front of the class???

The best Daddy in the world!

Tuck those little hands in the flap.
He's doing so well!

Ta-Da!  A happy swaddled baby!
Even the teacher approved!

I'm so proud of Chip stepping up and learning and being such a big part in the process.  He plays such a vital role that I'm not sure what I'd do without him.  I consider myself very very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and I know he'll be the best Daddy ever.  You this hormonal pregnant lady is tearing up!

As for Hill....I am anxious to go to the doctor on Monday afternoon.  He has dropped and according to the trusty ol' internet I have nothing to fear, I can still make it to my 40 weeks no problem.  Yet, according to wives tales I've been told I'll have him in 2 weeks and another lady informed me today that there will be a new moon on December 16th.  Not trying to rush the process, but just saying we are ready whenever as long as he is ready. 

Last night in class we had to pretend that we were having our baby right that second.  What had we not done?  We were to make a list.  Of course I had mine in my wallet so I didn't have to rewrite it.  Gah, I'm a nerd.  My list was minute things, like get a roll of quarters for the vending machine and a robe and call someone to take care of the dogs.  I have my call list, I have my insurance lined up, I have forms saved onto my flash drive for FMLA & short term disability.  As the lady would mention all of these big things I would tell Chip where they are how he can find the information, etc.  I guess I hadn't thought about informing him where everything was.  So, that was good.  He had not doubted for one second that I hadn't handled all that info already.  I was scared for the people that hadn't painted the room or put together their crib or even had a baby shower and no clothes or anything.  Frankly, I would be panicking.  Luckily, I don't have to panic.

Well I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have many many things to be thankful for.  This has been a really hard yet exciting year wrapped into one for Chip and I.  We are thankful for every single person that reads this blog and has prayed and laughed and cried with us.  Friends and family are so important. 

As I leave you on that note of being thankful for friends and family, please keep The Marquerdt's in your thoughts and prayers as they bring Hill's prearranged best friend into the world, Steven Pearce Marquerdt.  Pearce and Hill have many adventures to endure and so do Marsha and I!  Her and her husband, Steven, had their 8th anniversary yesterday and then will be having a baby today!  What wonderful things to be thankful for!
Also, my mother is doing fantastic!  They found that her pelvis and something connected to it was out of line.  The physical therapist adjusted it back and gave her exercises to do and she'll be ready to come to MS soon!  Thank you all for your continual prayers!  They helped!

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