Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hill's Things

Here is a hodge podge of things in Hill's room.

This table is the most recent purchase. It sits next to his changing table/dresser.
The drawers holds his extra diaper rash cream,
his brush, thermometer, bibs, blankets and sheets.
On top is the wipe warmer and diapers.
And not to forget - the Diaper Genie to the left

This is the full picture of his changing table / dresser area.  It was Chip's when he was a baby. To the left on the floor we have a cute basket from Jennifer & Shea that was filled with goodies and will now sub as a laundry basket.

This is his crib.  Looking at it now, I'm thinking I need to press the dust ruffle and then put it on.  Pardon all his "fun things" to the left of his crib.  He hasn't even arrived and we are searching for places to put seats and swings, etc. It's a nice problem to have.We don't complain.

This is our second most recent purchase. It's a dark photo, but you can see it's The Chair.  This is where his Mama Lou, Sassy, and all the other volunteer rockers will sit and rock him.  The cabinet to the bottom right is a built in and I need to find a cute fabric to hang across there so it's not so "open."  The built in houses his extra diapers, wipes and everything else I shove in there because it doesn't have a home.

I am not finished with his room.......almost, but not quite.  I still have to enlist a few creative artists and seamstresses because the full bed (not pictured) needs pillows and his walls are 90% naked.  We can't have naked walls!  Then of course there is his bathroom.  I haven't started on it yet, but it just needs a few accesories, I'm not worried about it though.

Please feel free to come play in his room any time you'd like.  I go in there like every day and move blankets around or reorganize a drawer...sometimes the dogs and I just go and lay in the big bed and look around.  It's so fun!

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Leah Maria said...

Rachel, I LOVE the room! Hill is going to be so love and taken care of!