Monday, November 23, 2009

Football, Friends & Corndogs

Some of you know the story of the narrowing down of my colleges of choice and where was I going to go, but some of you don't.  I have to say this quietly for fear that my husband will hire snipers to shoot me down before entering the house. We all know why I chose Ole Miss per my post the other day, but another school at the top of my list was LSU.  Yes, I said it out loud....quietly, but out loud.

My mom went to LSU, my best friend was at LSU the same time I was at Ole Miss yet my dad seemingly had some type of paternal intuition.  Since he was paying the out of state tuition I kindly appeased his fear of my BAL being higher than my GPL.  That translates to my Blood Alcohol Level being higher than my Grade Point Level (GPA).  He said LSU was not an option. 

With that said, my dad kindly contributed monitarily to the freqent trips to Baton Rouge and New Orleans and Mardi Gras through out my college tenure so that I could see my best friend.  Mere and I had fun times.  In the process, some of her friends became my friends too!  They came up to visit me at Ole Miss once, but that was a crazy and they never came back.  Until this past weekend.  My LSU friend, Kelly came to watch the Rebels play the Tigers.  It was so good to see her.  It's truly been like 11 years, I swear.  She brought her little boy who is absolutely precious in his little Tiger costume.

I don't discriminate against my LSU people.  My two favorite people in the world, Meredith & my mom, have roots there.  I was even nice to the two LSU guys that sat in front of us at the game.  I had to remind my husband a couple of times that we were classy Rebel fans and to be nice.  He listened well, but I have to admit that there were 2 sets of Ole Miss people sitting around us that were absolutely obnoxious, they made us look like Alabama fans.  I gave one of them the evil eye letting her know she was being inappropriate and the other guy down the way I yelled at him! 

There is this running joke that LSU people smell like corndogs.  It is quite funny, but he was saying rude ugly things and giving us Ole Miss fans that actually went to school there a bad rap.  He was a huge snaggle toothed individual and so I told him he needed to lay off the corndogs.  Everyone laughed because everyone was so annoyed with the inconsiderate Ole Miss fans just as much as I was.  Gah, that gets on my nerves!  I'm not just saying that because I like LSU, I just think it's uncouth to display such a lack of respect!

So, as I go on my tirade about how ugly these people were I am being a hypocrite because I took some pretty funny pictures as I walked through the Grove.  At least these people weren't shouting inappropriate language with little kids around, they were having good ol' silly fun! 

I need to make a formal apology to my son. 

Dearest Hill,
Mommy is really really sorry about all the walking, jumping, yelling, cheering and screaming that you had to endure during the most phenominal game I've ever witnessed.  Had it not been for the yelling and cheering the Rebels may not have been able to pull through all the bad calls and pushing back of those mean ol' Tigers to the very last second!  I really thought you were going to come out right there in Vaught Hemingway stadium.  I'm glad you didn't because a) that would have been awkward and b) you need to incubate in there a little bit longer.  You can tell all of your friends when you get older that you witnessed the 2009 Ole Miss vs. LSU game.  You helped cheer them on to victory!  You really took one for the team and mommy and daddy and Papa really appreciate it.  Even though I know you and I both want to be there when we go to a bowl game, we can't be, so we had to cheer on our Rebs now and next weekend too.  Then we can rest.  You sure are a little trooper.  Again, mommy apologizes and you only have to endure one more weekend of Ole Miss football until you can go and cheer them on yourself next year!
Thank you for your understanding.  Now stay in there for 7 more weeks. 
Your Mother

Sunday morning when I woke up Hill was definately lower.  I think he's dropped.  He was probably so spazed out from Saturday that he is kicking around saying GET ME OUTTA THIS CRAZY LADY!  We had a talk and he said he'll stay in there a little longer.  Not sure how much longer though.

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DenKag said...

I am dying here at the Coon-Ass trap. That is SO wonderfully hilarious.