Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Full of...

I'm full of...........information today. What did you think I was going to say?

Anyway, I want to give you all an update on my friend Christy. She had her twins Molly and Joey. Babies are doing great. Christy hopes to post pictures soon, which in turn I will steal and link you to them. Can't wait! Yet, we have to keep the celebrations to a minimum until Christy can get a good report.

Christy has a sub durmal hematoma. Somehow when doing the spinal the hole didn't patch itself up so she was dripping spinal fluid and that somehow caused the right side of her brain to bleed. That blood is causing her to have horrific headaches and has had her on her back for the past 4 days. The headaches are to just go away on their own, there isn't much they can do for them. The pain management people are looking for medicine that will help her be able to sit up. This dura hematoma is usually caused by a blunt hit to the head....but leave it to Christy to get it while having a c-section. She's a trooper but prayers need to continue. As of yesterday she had only spent a total of 3 hours with the babies in 4 days. She was hoping to get more time with them yesterday.

Please pray that Christy's headaches get better. Pray for both the babies that miss their mommy and the mommy that is missing her babies! Pray for Billy as he steps up to be the care giver to everyone. Thank you for praying for my people.

As for my doctors visit yesterday. It went well. I wasn't jumping up for joy or anything. I was looking for a miracle cure and Chip was relieved that I got a good report. Hill is big (he gets it honestly I guess?) He is weighing in at 3 lbs 6 oz at 29 weeks - - he's registering as a 30 week 2 day old kiddo. Dr. North just thinks that maybe my body is trying to adjust and therefore my back, lungs, breathing is messed up. (he probably didn't say messed up, but whatever - this is my rendition.) I told him that my few days resting were fabulous. I could totally tell a difference if I was resting vs. up doing things (even if it was walking to the other side of the house.) He asked if I was up for doing my normal routine and I let him know that I pretty much don't have a choice. So, since the Darvocet was a joke he gave me muscle relaxers. He said that I could go to physical therapy to help my body adjust, but for some reason I don't want to do that.

Yesterday at 5:01 (when I got off of work) I took a muscle relaxer and was in bed by 8 something. Slept like a dream and woke up feeling refreshed. My lungs are still hurting a little, but my back is slightly better. Breathing is about the same. I can't complain (well I could).....only worry that my baby doesn't come out addicted to muscle relaxers. Surely Dr. North wouldn't have given them to me if he thought they were bad for Hill.

Cracks me up that Dr. North keeps track of me on my Facebook. He said he was proud that I was listening to him when he read my status on Thursday night that I was "getting situated for the long haul. I have the remote, computer, house phone, cell phone, drugs, heating pad, pjs on and clean sheets. And nurse Katie Lou to cuddle with. I'm good to go!" He said he just pictured Chip feeding me grapes.....Chip commented that was about par for the course. These guys - they were ganging up on me! But I wouldn't trade either one of them. You gotta respect the guy that takes care of me and my baby (medically) who isn't my husband. Love you Dr. North! I may name my next child after him - - North Hawkins. No, I didn't say my next child.....Geez, let's get this kiddo here first and hope I survive the next 11 weeks.

We are still on track for January 14th. Chip said, surely this baby won't triple his weight in 11 weeks. I sure as hell hope not! That would be a 10 lb 8 oz baby. I'd need to be winning awards and world records or something. I think I'd deserve the Nobel Peace Prize of 2010, why not? Obama got it. I digress - - I don't get political on my blog.

So in other news, my previa has corrected itself which means I now can birth this baby hippo like God designed us women for. So that's good, I guess. Just add reconstructive surgery to the to do list. If he's a c-section baby I was gonna ask for a tummy tuck.

Even though I had 3 days of resting I didn't catch up on ANYTHING. Which I guess is the point. Yet, not even my thank you notes. I'm awful. So, the plan for tonight after my JA meeting is to sit in bed and write thank you notes and mark things off my to do list.

Oh yeah, and I will probably sit there for hours and watch the Roomba clean my house. We haven't named him yet - I think it's a him. He reminds me of the drunk uncle I never had who runs into everything repeatedly while entertaining everyone for hours. I have to figure out how to post a video because I have a hilarious video I caught of Katie vs. Roomba. This thing is fantastic!

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Jennifer said...

Glad you're hanging in there (and Hill especially)! Prayers going out for Christy and her fam.