Thursday, March 29, 2007

I wanted to blog about my yard, but I am embarrassed and my pictures are stupid. I wish I was as crafty and green thumb-ish as my #1 fan SM Squared - I can't even compare - so I digress. Instead we will play show and tell for what I did this past weekend.

Below we have the guy in certain circles known as Fred.
Our buddy Fred is the 'fi-ah stah-ta'
He kept the warmth flowing for us until about 3am when I was on the verge of tears because I was so freaking cold. If I'd have known all you had to do was rake the coals and add sticks I would have started the fire back up and thrown myself in it, but instead I fell into a coma until about 7am. Mr. Rachel was warm and cozy in his blanket while the other crew was in the Serro Scotty crashed and had pleasant dreams.

Now this is a funny picture.
You may not notice, but on the very top log there is something random on top of it....
But Rachel, what is it?
It's a pair of panties. Now, now I know what you are thinking and this was NOT and X rated camping trip. Those little panties were from our friends little girl who tried to pee in the woods and instead aimed and hit her under roos. Moms solution was - we have plenty more where that came from and tossed them in the fire.

Not to worry - she did find more. See!

This is our clan and our set up. My tent was far off to the right of the Serro Scotty Camping device in the middle of the arctic circle. I don't have a picture, but I just want you all to know how much I enjoy eating Smores. It makes hypothermia alright.

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sm2 said...

Looks like fun! Why is it only the women who freeze their bums off on camping trips? I've suffered through that several times. Oh, and I am not the crafty or green thumb's all been dumb luck up to this point.