Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm an Asteroidea

I've become that blogger. You know, the one where you go and check their blog to see what's up and it's the same damned thing you have already read like 2 weeks ago. My deep apologies.

Good day boys and girls. Can anyone tell me what an Asteroidea is? Asteroidea sound it out.
Ass ter o idea. If I were to guess I would say a smart ass that has all the answers. Wrong. It's a starfish. Well I think I have become an asteroidea - in both my definition and the literal meaning. I went to the doctor yesterday because I can't hear out of my left ear. I had a sinus infection a year ago and it clogged up my ear. I like to say it happened after I got married, makes for a funny story. But that isn't the truth. Hubby and I make an odd couple, he can't hear out of his right ear so together we have to make sure at restaurants we sit on each others "appropriate" side, it's a good thing I like to drive or we'd never hear each other in the car.

Back to the story. So after 1 year and 5 doctors later they figured out what is wrong with me. I have to have my adenoids taken out and a tube put in my left ear. There is still a 90% chance I can gain my hearing back. Ok, what does the starfish have to do with anything? If anyone knows anything about starfish - they regenerate. So you can chop off one of their arms or flange's or whatever you call it and it will eventually grow back. Well back in 1987 it was a traumatic time in Little Rachel's life, she had to have surgery. Her adenoids and tonsils were large and must be taken out. Now, 20, - yes exactly TWENTY years later my adenoids have reappeared so large and in charge that they are the cause of my ears not draining. And because not one of the doctors caught this, my ear has become progressively worse and now has a cyst in it. The cyst can be a serious thing, but we don't know anything about it until the doctor goes in and checks it out. So I will keep you updated on that, but don't want to alarm anyone.

Now that I know I'm a starfish - I'm not saying I am going to chop off my appendages to see if they grow back, that would be ridiculous - but pretty cool if it happened!

I learned a lot about starfish or "sea stars" while looking for a picture to post. Pretty odd little creatures. Check em' out if you have a second. Starfish


sm2 said...

Wow! you have super powers like the cheerleader on Heroes. Pretty cool. Glad you are finally getting the medical attention you need! Oh, and TGIF.

Rachel said...

I do require lots of attention, but this time it happens to be medical attention.