Thursday, February 22, 2007

So mad my stomach hurts

Have you ever been so mad that you could throw up? Well it's not a fun feeling. I got a call a bit ago from my husband and he informed me that we may have had our old house sold, but the nut job across the street scared the poor buyer away. My understanding is that it was the persons 4th time to look at the house - she was there this last time by herself and the fat re-re lunatic across the street approached her. He creeped her out so bad she went back to the realtor gave them the keys and said - NO THANKS, I can't handle living across the street from a guy like that.
I went over there a bit ago to release the wrath of Rachel on his ass, but fortunately or unfortunately - however you want to look at it, he wasn't home. I fear it would be best if I yelled at him as opposed to when my husband gets home this weekend. Hubby doesn't hold back when it comes to the weirdo across the street, but if it were anyone else he would show a little more respect. So, now that freaky pee in the front yard guy has run off potential buyers I'm on the edge of losing my sanity. Help.

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Fishdog said...

this the house up here? if so, let me know and i'll pay the dude a visit and save you the gas money.