Friday, February 09, 2007

New Tactic
I am going to try out a new mind tactic for losing weight. If I go into my closet and try on everything and then what doesn't fit I have to move to the side....I'm gonna be left naked. Seriously, today I have on these pants that I didn't think I could get buttoned, and I did, but that doesn't mean they fit. They don't give me a camel toe or anything, but they aren't too cute. I seriously have 2 pairs of pants I wear out in public and a few dress pants and the rest are like jogging pants. Ridiculous. Then my shirts. A lot of my shirts seemingly shrunk...oh wait maybe that's just my big gut lifting them up.
So back to my tactic...if I see that I can't wear the majority of my clothes - that is bad. Then on top of that I am poor and can't go out and buy new clothes. So my only option - lose weight. Which is the smartest for more than just my clothes not fitting, it's good for me health wise. I accidentally ran across this workout dvd that I think would be fun zumba. I love the music, but I have a special place in my heart for Latin American dance music, and it would be like dancing - and I like to dance. So, I think I will purchase it and try to fit back into my old clothes. The Zumba girl's website that I posted started in February 2005 and lost 65 lbs by July 2005. Amazing. I really want to get motivated and I'm having to try to trick myself into it, but that's hard to do. So I will try the closet trick and see if it works....I'll let you know - hopefully by Monday I will let you know the closet inventory count. (T-shirts don't count)

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