Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm a winner! "Best Valentines Day Ever"

I never read the local paper, but catch it online sometimes. Well tonight I needed my friends email address and knew he had an advertisement online and I could get it there. I log on to the site, and read the headlines

Car Burns:Total Loss
Book Signing
Scholarship Deadline Today

Then for some reason this one headline sticks out to me

Leanne Lawrence Wins: Best Valentines Day Ever

That name doesn't ring a bell, but I click on it anyway wanting to know what the "Best Valentines Day Ever" meant. Well it has a picture of this girl and I do end up knowing who she is (she works at my insurance agents office) and so I read on all about these other winners from little stores around the Square and HELLO, there's my name. I WON a burt's bees make up kit! They misspelled my name, but that's ok with me. The irony is I don't wear make-up, but it's still cool. I'm a winner! I went in the store the other day, my good friend Tasha works there and we were standing there talking and I asked what this registration box was for, she said I don't know some give away. So I just stuck my name in there not even knowing what it was. Ta Da - I win! Too bad I didn't win the registration thing I signed up for at Christmas for $500 free gas - but shoot, I am happy with any winning.
So, it's like 10:00 pm and I call my husband and tell him my name is in the paper and I won something! He was like, oh yeah, I saw that earlier and forgot to tell you. UGH! What a dumb a$$ to forget to tell me! I'm gonna go google what exactly a burt's bees make up kit is. I'm excited!


sm2 said...

How exciting! I love the burt's bees lip stuff! Maybe you should take some of your luck to the casino!

mffishdog said...

happy accidents rock!