Monday, February 12, 2007

I survived

This weekend I survived many things.

*Annoying conversations
*Bad drivers
*1 yr. old birthday party
*nothing valuable breaking
*Extended family of In Laws and kids
*Divorced people being in the same room
*not finding any snakes under a boat
*my husband driving and talking with his hands
*finding clothes that fit in my closet
*balancing my checkbook
*falling asleep in my recliner with 8 mischievous adults in the room
*waking up this morning

I really want to do something productive outside this afternoon, but I also want to go to bed at 5:01pm and rest until tomorrow morning. I am beat. I don't think kids are feasible at this juncture in my life, and I can't rewind time to have them when I had more energy, nor do I want to rewind time. I will admit for like 1.25 seconds I thought it would be sweet to have a kid around, then when the toys came smashing into my sofa table and kitchen cabinets and pianos were being opened and banged on - my mind changed...yes, that fast. I am still exhausted and there hasn't been a toddler in sight for over 48 hours. Our house is not child proof with 4037 kitchen cabinets, hard tile floor, stone fireplace, stereo-speaker-TV wires strung about and plantation blinds that touch the floor. Definitely not child proof. Husband did handle it well when a 2 year old went pulling on his speaker covers, yes the speakers that cost more than my car. I am all about disciplining other peoples children though. That may make me the "mean lady" but if you can't get your butt in gear or cause me to have a panic attack because you think the arm of my couch is a horse with a hard tile floor below you. I may take action. So parents or parents to be, I love you and I will love your kids - I may love my own kids one day, maybe - but just don't think I'm the "mean lady" - I just don't have patience, but I am a good person and mean well. Just look at that face - how can you not just want to squeeze it!

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